January 3rd, 2011

10 Fashionable Things Every Man and Woman Must Have

Most people don’t realize it doesn’t take a great deal of effort to be fashionable. With just a couple key pieces, you can easily take an outfit from basic to chic in a few minutes.

Every fashion forward person knows that it doesn’t matter where you shop, but it’s about how you wear the clothes you buy. Most of the pieces in this list are affordable and can be purchased at a range of stores.

These 10 essential pieces are the fashion basics that will allow both men and women to become more fashionable in a variety of settings.

A Good Tailor

Every man and woman should have a good tailor on speed dial. Every garment is not going be made to fit your body perfectly, so a good tailor is more than essential in taking your outfit from normal to amazing. To find a good tailor, ask around and when you find one, keep them near.  During your first visit, you may want to test the tailor’s work by using a garment that is not your favorite, because if the tailor isn’t that great, you don’t want to ruin a good article of clothing. If it doesn’t look like it was made just for you, you shouldn’t wear it. Everything you wear should be/look tailored specifically to your body.

A Suit

Everyone needs at least one suit. Wearing a suit shows professionalism. A suit is needed for interviews and can also be transformed and worn to social events and parties. Once you buy a suit, you must go back to the first tip and get it tailored, because a suit is useless if it doesn’t fit properly.


Ray-Bans are a classic brand and they make the two most classic sunglass styles; Aviators and Wayfarers. In 1937, the Aviators were invented for the U.S. Air Force pilots to reduce the glare in their eyes, but now, these classic sunglasses are a must have in everyone’s closet to accessorize any fashionable outfit. In 1952, the Wayfarers were introduced on the red carpet to all the cool kids. The Wayfarers were an expression of Rock and Roll. Today, they are an expression of style and they are needed to make any outfit more hip and trendy.

A Blazer

On the days you don’t want to wear a suit, a blazer can make any outfit go from day to night almost immediately. A blazer and jeans can be worn to social events or out with friends for both men and women. Most people get blazers confused with a suit jacket, but they are different garments. A blazer is more casual and most of the time it is made with flapless pockets. A blazer is more functional and versatile.

A White Button Up Shirt

A white button up shirt can be used in many ways. This shirt can be used with a suit or for a typical casual look. People can have any color button up shirt, but there is nothing like a crisp white button up shirt that displays professionalism, style and confidence.

A Classic Accessory

We all need at least one classic accessory. Preferably pearls for a woman and a gold watch for a man. Pearls are a timeless piece and have been worn for generations and generations of fashionable women from Elizabeth Taylor to Diana Ross. Every man needs a gold watch. Despite the brand of the watch, a gold watch is needed to tell time and also to make any outfit look classy.

Pumps and Oxfords

There shouldn’t be a woman that doesn’t own a pair of pumps and a man that doesn’t own a pair of oxfords. Pumps and oxfords are extremely versatile shoes. Oxfords and pumps can be worn on a night out with the guys/girls in the city and can both be worn in the office. Now with both pair, men and woman should always bring an extra pair of shoes in your bag  just in case your feet begin to hurt by the end of the night.

Chuck Taylors

Chuck Taylors were first introduced in 1917 and they are a canvas sneaker with a rubber sole that was supposed to be worn by basketball players. Chuck Taylors became popular in the 90’s and quickly a must have for all fashion lovers. This sneaker can be worn on those days you just don’t want to wear your heels or oxfords. They can be also be worn on the days you have to go grocery shopping or to do laundry. A plain pair of black Chucks are a must have.

Messenger Bag and a Clutch

It is close to impossible to function in life without a bag. Men should always have a messenger bag. This bag was given its name because it was commonly worn by bicycle messengers. Today, men wear them to hold their laptops, wallets and other necessities. For women, a clutch is a small bag that usually doesn’t have a strap and is held in hand or worn under arm. Women should have a clutch for nights when you want to party and you only need to carry money, an id, mints and make up. A clutch is easier to carry and makes it easier to find your personal items when needed.


A good pair of jeans should definitely be apart of your wardrobe. Jeans are a classic piece and sometimes it is hard to find a good pair. Once you find a good brand of jeans, you should stick with it. Jeans can also be tailored, so be sure to assess the fit and determine if you need to revisit the first tip again. Jeans were invented in 1873 by Jacob Davis and Levi Strauss and since then, Levi’s have remained one the best brands of jeans. Blue jeans have always been a classic piece and they will always be timeless, classic and in style.

These 10 things are just a start, but are all needed to be more fashionable. Most of the items are classics so these items will never go out of style. Most importantly, these items are not that expensive and can be purchased anywhere. If you don’t have them, be sure to buy these items and enjoy transforming your wardroom from basic to bold.

About the Author

Keshia Ellis
Keshia Ellis is a wardrobe stylist, designer, and writer with clients in both Atlanta and New York City. She currently resides in Atlanta but was born in Phoenix, Arizona. Keshia's main focus is to spread knowledge about fashion and her main goal is to help people bring out their inner style.



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  1. I love this! My blazer is my life and I definitely have a go-to necklace that dresses up every outfit that I wear it with. Yay for investment pieces!

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    Everything was spot on except the gold watch and the chuck taylors. Personally, I find that converses don’t fit my style so, and they probably don’t go with many people’s styles, so no I don’t think they’re a must.

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  6. These 10 essential pieces are the fashion basics that will allow both men and women to become more fashionable in a variety of settings.

  7. It really look so nice having these kind of closet for it will be look so comfortable. – Marla Ahlgrimm

  8. Every fashion forward person knows that it doesn’t matter where you shop, but it’s about how you wear the clothes you buy. Most of the pieces in this list are affordable and can be purchased at a range of stores.

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