August 17th, 2010

3 Words You Don’t Want to Hear After Sex

Have you ever just finished having a passion filled love session or so you thought, only to be left in a perplexed state of mind by your partner.  

It’s amazing how three simple words can  cause an awkward moment in the bedroom. Here is a list of three words you don’t want to hear after sex. Hopefully none of you have been victim of these words and I’m praying you haven’t uttered them yourself, but if you have, I hope you had a  good reason.

See you later – This is probably the worst of them all. I’d break down in tears if someone left me sitting there as they bolted out of the door. At least wait 30 minutes before leaving.

Was it good? – There’s nothing wrong with wanting to know how you performed, but use context clues rather than asking. It can make you look insecure or just plain simple. If you have to ask, then you already know the answer.

Can we cuddle? -Don’t you just hate this question? Especially if you only wanted the person to satisfy your sexual craving? No one wants to cuddle. It’s summer and it’s too hot for that. Please move over. Thanks!

What a waste – Well, maybe this is more harsh than “See you later.” If someone is capable of saying this, then maybe you shouldn’t have slept with them in the first place. Nonetheless, this could possibly draw some tears… or blood if the victim picks up the nearest object and throws it at the culprit’s head.

Are we done? – Does sex ever feel so routine it starts to feel like a chore and you just want it to be over? Chances are, this may happen during, rather than after the intimate session. Do things to spice it up, so your mate is always wanting more.

I Love you – This is the classic set of words that most casual sex partners don’t want to hear. It makes the next time (if there’s a next time) even more awkward, but hey, kudos to you for making someone love you… for your sex! Must be good.

Damn that’s it? – Disappointment is a hell of an emotion, especially when your expecting mind blowing sex. You were excited up until the experience has left you feeling unsatisfied and wondering.

The condom broke – By far the most dreadful of them all. Not only does this leave you at a higher risk for contracting an STD, but it also leaves the opportunity for a lifetime of commitment to another challenge called children!

I’ve had better – Ever thought by the look of someone they were just going to give you the business, but yet it fell flat and you start thinking of your ex? It may be time to delete the number, then say “See you later!”

Add the 3 words you NEVER want to hear or  say below.

About the Author

Giovanie Stiven
Giovanie Stiven was born in New York and raised between the Concrete Jungle and Haiti. She is an aspiring PR professional and is still on the search to identifying herself. After volunteering at a number of organizations, she hopes that she can inspire others to become more motivated in being an active figure in their communities.



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