February 2nd, 2011

4 Ways New Artists Can Build Their Fan Base

Gone are the days of traditional fan clubs, where you would mail in a fan club registration form along with your dues. In those days, you would  receive a poster, tour dates and maybe a note from the artist in return.

In 2011, social media is the new fan club. With Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, BBM and text messages, up and coming artists can reach their fans and their fans can reach them almost instantaneously. But the question is, how do you keep the fans engaged and interested?

Well I’m glad you asked, because I have an answer for you. Many of the popular music personalities use the following tips and they could  also help you build and retain your own fan base.

Ask Questions

The fans want to know what you are doing within your career so instead of just telling them, get them involved. Everyone has good ideas and suggestions, so why not give your fans an opportunity to be involved in your busy life? Asking your fans questions on Twitter and Facebook makes their connection to you feel even more real. Engage and watch your fan base grow.

Be Knowledgeable

As an artist you are looked upon as a trendsetter, so when reaching out to fans be familiar with the topics that you are speaking about. Your fans will look at you as an industry leader and will expect you to be well versed about music as a whole, both past and present.

Share the Spotlight

Don’t be an attention whore. Shine the spotlight on your fans. You know that they appreciate your talents, so why not appreciate them. Without your fans you wouldn’t be were you are today. Very cliché, but it’s the truth. So why not shout out your fans or highlight a special fan on your social media playforms. Just show your appreciation.Run contests and giveaways and announce your winners to the masses.

First Dibbs

Since your fans are loyal and have taken time out to ‘Follow’ you, or ‘Like’ your page, let them be the first to know anything you are releasing or becoming a part of. From mix tapes to new concert tours, let your fans that are registered members know first.Believe it or not, somethings will spread faster through social media than through traditional outlets.

We know your journey as an up and coming artists may be hectic and busy, but make sure you take out the  time to interact and engage with the ones who will make your career go to the next level.

About the Author

Lynn McFail
Lynn was born and bred in Arlington, Virginia which is five minutes outside of the Nation’s Capital. Much like the artists she writes about, 22 year old Lynn McFail is also On the Rise.



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