February 24th, 2011

9 Dynamic Digital Resumes That Stand Out From the Crowd

Everyone is looking for a way to make their resume stand out in today’s job market. One way to do that is by giving your resume some visual appeal. Well-designed resumes with color and images can attract attention over those with plain old text.

That’s not to say everyone should add pictures to their resume. A graphical layout might not be for everyone, nor appropriate for every profession and industry. And if you don’t have an artist’s eye (or a favor to call in to a graphic designer), attempting something like this might not work out to your advantage.

But if you know what you’re doing, and need a little inspiration, here are 10 digital resumes with some very cool visuals.

1. Give the Reader Your History

A key element of a resume is your professional background — where you started, where you are now, and the places in between. Resumes with maps or infographics provide the same chronology of information, but with a bit more flair.

Michael Anderson’s infographic resume turns his employment and academic history into a colorful visual journey.

2. Aesthetics Matter

In traditional resumes, the formatting and layout are important. Readers gravitate toward resumes with eye-pleasing fonts and structure. They also lean toward resumes with ample white space throughout the document. Resumes that visually feel like they will take a long time to read usually get put aside.

Graphic designer Tudor Deleanu brings color and texture into what would otherwise be a simple list of previous employers.

3. Make It Personal

Traditional resumes can be “humanized” by a well-written cover letter. Graphical resumes can add a whole new dimension by visually introducing the person behind the experience.

Brandon Kleinman adds a really creative twist by making a short presentation out of his Facebook photos.

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