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The Beauty Diet: It’s Not Just Aesthetics

“Diets? To think there is a general one that works for all is, to be frank, a true illusion. Because it’s ridiculous to think that each of us, with our own metabolisms, habits, and nutritional needs can adjust to a diet that adapts to all types of people, very different among them”. Professor Evelina Flachi, who teaches a Nutrition […]


Pushing the Boundaries of Black Style

THE best posts on the style blog Street Etiquette find its principals, Travis Gumbs and Joshua Kissi, in motion. As opposed to the fascistically frozen street-style snaps of The Sartorialist and others, these pictures are styled and plotted fictions but also affecting ones, depicting a pair of young black men taking ownership not just of […]


A Fashion Line’s Old-World Branding Evokes Bygone Glamour

Honor, a fashion line started by designer Giovanna Randall, is designed to look like a revival of an old couture Italian fashion house, complete with crests, gold-foil stamping, and stationery that Grace Kelly would have loved. For an industry that prides itself on its one-day-you’re-in-next-day-you’re-out ethos, fashion is nevertheless mindful of its own history, where […]


Do You Really Have What it Takes to Run a Business?

Few people are suited to be their own bosses. Most people want a regular work routine. Their lives are based on forty-hour work weeks and steady paychecks. When people tell me they want to start their own business, I ask them whether they can really live without regular income. I tell them to talk to […]

Young Professionals

Social Media Tools For Your Job Search

Searching for your next career opportunity can be a frustrating and tiresome process. Thankfully, there are an unprecedented number of free tools and resources to alleviate some of the stress and ease the time commitment of trying to secure a new job. The key is identifying the tools that suit your needs and maximizing their […]

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Where Are The People?

Watching a movie on the Montgomery Bus Boycotts and I couldn’t help but wonder, “Where did these pioneers get their strength?” For over a year, black people pressed their way and walked or car pooled where eve...
by Domonique Thompson


The Secret Route to Arousing Her

So, these women masturbated for researchers. Yes, really—but they had their brains scanned, too. (So you know it’s legit.) Their findings—besides the fact they have the coolest job ever? Nipple stimulation activates the s...
by Socialtik Mag


Job Hunting Goes High Tech

(ABC) The hottest lead in your job search can be found in the palm of your hand: it’s your cell phone. You may be able to find out about the latest openings — no matter where you are, as employers ramp up efforts in mobile ...
by Socialtik Mag



Housing Works: Shelter From The Storm

With an operating budget of approximately $40 million and more than 400 employees
by Chanel Auguste


Somewhere Over the Rainbow: I’m More Than These Walls

Though I am partial to 1978’s The Wiz and its storyline, there is still something in me that will always love and connect to the original Wizard of Oz.
by Danni Myers


Two Times Two Principle

The 2×2 principle is for those entrepreneurs who are reaching for the next step in their entrepreneurial journey.
by DeAndra Harrison



Fefe Dobson is “Ghost”

Fefe Dobson returns to the music scene with the premiere of her video “Ghost” off her long-awaited sophomore album “Joy” due out later this year.
by Chanel Auguste
11 Introduces Runway Tracking

NEW YORK and LONDON, Sept. 12, 2011 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ — Fashion discovery website,, introduces Runway Tracking. Launching this September with New York Fashion Week and major designers including Proenza Scho...
by Socialtik Mag


Feeding Our Future: The Fight Against Hunger

Leveraging a $20,000 “Feeding Our Future” grant from the Sodexo Foundation, the Sodexo account at UPS Headquarters and The Coca-Cola Company celebrated serving 13,000 free lunches to children of Atlanta.
by Socialtik Mag



How Do Small Collection Accounts Impact Your Credit Score?

Fortunately, there is one recent change to the world of credit scoring concerning small debts, which are sometimes called “nuisance” collection accounts. Fair Isaac, creator of the FICO score, has rolled out to all three cr...
by Socialtik Mag


Oprah Winfrey OWN’s It!

In less than a month, Oprah Winfrey, the goddess of talk shows and the empress of information to many generations, will pull the plug on her award winning show.
by Empress Varnado


The Blackbelt: A Friend in Need… of the Deed

Dear Blackbelt – I have a male friend that has developed a strong sexual attraction to me over the past 2 years of our 8-year friendship. He is supportive emotionally and I enjoy his company. He is a nice guy and gives me...
by The Blackbelt