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The Beauty Diet: It’s Not Just Aesthetics

“Diets? To think there is a general one that works for all is, to be frank, a true illusion. Because it’s ridiculous to think that each of us, with our own metabolisms, habits, and nutritional needs can adjust to a diet that adapts to all types of people, very different among them”. Professor Evelina Flachi, who teaches a Nutrition […]


Pushing the Boundaries of Black Style

THE best posts on the style blog Street Etiquette find its principals, Travis Gumbs and Joshua Kissi, in motion. As opposed to the fascistically frozen street-style snaps of The Sartorialist and others, these pictures are styled and plotted fictions but also affecting ones, depicting a pair of young black men taking ownership not just of […]


A Fashion Line’s Old-World Branding Evokes Bygone Glamour

Honor, a fashion line started by designer Giovanna Randall, is designed to look like a revival of an old couture Italian fashion house, complete with crests, gold-foil stamping, and stationery that Grace Kelly would have loved. For an industry that prides itself on its one-day-you’re-in-next-day-you’re-out ethos, fashion is nevertheless mindful of its own history, where […]


Do You Really Have What it Takes to Run a Business?

Few people are suited to be their own bosses. Most people want a regular work routine. Their lives are based on forty-hour work weeks and steady paychecks. When people tell me they want to start their own business, I ask them whether they can really live without regular income. I tell them to talk to […]

Young Professionals

Social Media Tools For Your Job Search

Searching for your next career opportunity can be a frustrating and tiresome process. Thankfully, there are an unprecedented number of free tools and resources to alleviate some of the stress and ease the time commitment of trying to secure a new job. The key is identifying the tools that suit your needs and maximizing their […]



Four Resume Formats For The Young Professional

The purpose of a resume is to assist job-seekers in securing an interview. Therefore, it typically includes accomplishments, education, work/volunteer experiences and a combination of skills and strengths. Although most resumes...
by Joshlyn Ross


Picture Perfect: Kevin Korveil James

Kevin Korveil Jones is a singer/record producer from Chicago. In March 2010, he decided to buy his own camera because he was tired of hiring photographers for events. However, Kevin ended up discovering his second love. In suc...
by Socialtik Mag


Do iPhone Users Have More Sex?

I’ve always heard that you can tell a lot about a person by the type of cell phone they use, but never did I imagine that the phone could dictate how much action they were getting in the bedroom.
by Demaris Bailey



Join The Lame Brotherhood

Most people don’t want to be labeled as “lame,” but what happens when “lame” becomes the new cool? The creators of the Lame Brotherhood (LB) clothing line certainly put that question to the test by aiming to be an adv...
by Empress Varnado


Innovation and Opportunity Combating Poverty

The Open Society Foundations pledged $5.5 million to three non-profit organizations working to strengthen communities and spur economic growth.  
by Ronn Richardson


Kanye West Releases “I Know You See Me” with Beyonce & Charlie Wilson

Kanye West is always up to something! Last night he announced on Twitter that he would be leaking his new song on the Angie Martinez  show on Hot 97 today.
by Chanel Auguste



To Live and Buy in LA

Ninety percent of the time, I shop at boutiques.
by Sinta Jimenez


Kno’s New IPad App Wants To Kill Textbooks

The worst part about Kno is probably its name. Pronounced like “no” or “know,” it is frustratingly hard to talk about with someone who is not familiar with it: “Do you know what Kno is?” R...
by Socialtik Mag


No Strings? No Problem

(ELLE) Ah, the joys of modern friendship: knowing that your loyal pal is always going to be there for you—as a shoulder to cry on, a buddy to laugh with, or…a sexual partner whenever you’re in the mood. Recent studies...
by Socialtik Mag



What Are Your Jeans Worth?

It’s amazing when entertainers go above and beyond to give back to their communities
by Giovanie Stiven


Summer Sippers: Cocktails to Keep You Cool

Check out our Summer Cocktail recipe’s that will keep your body cool, get your lips wet and send your taste buds to heaven!
by Empress Varnado


Play Your Position

Your road to success is a journey that you can’t achieve alone. Be the team player in your career endeavors and watch yourself move up the ladder in no time!
by Empress Varnado