March 12th, 2010

Anchor Rage: Nautical Fashion Spring 2010

For the first time ever, it looks like I’ve got Spring Fever!  I never used to feel inspired by Spring the way I have with the other three seasons.  Growing up in the Mid-Atlantic, Spring always irritated me. It was never warm enough in the afternoon and it was always too cold in the morning.

AlexandreHerch1The irregularity of “spring” would then abruptly give way to the District’s wet, hot summer.  So I grew up apathetic to spring and its light jackets (which didn’t do the job) and it’s lame pastels. In the preppy northeast, I also always felt spring exposed the most irritating aspects of trad style such as madras shorts and knee length floral dresses.

In contrast, autumn is particularly beautiful back East and I still find it intoxicating over here on the West Coast.  But I digress, so how’d I get Spring Fever?  Well, spring in Los Angeles is a different animal – it is absolutely gorgeous!  The Fahrenheit remains steady until the evening when it cools just a bit. The sun is pure while peeking through rain-less clouds which creates temperate warmth to be treasured before the oppressive heat of the Southland summer.

I am whimsical and daydreaming of the ocean.  So now I am enjoying spring in all its not-too-hot, not-too-cold, baby-bear’s- is-just-right glory!  And what is the trend which seems oh so perfect for this whimsy, well Nautical fashion of course!

Marc Jacobs Resort 2010

Take inspiration on how to rock this look from Marc Jacobs’ Resort 2010 collection.  Classic bateau stripes with a unique floral adornment paired with hot pants and platforms make Nautical new and playful!  To get nautical you don’t need to buy wide leg white pants with a matching seer sucker jacket. A couple key items can get you far! You don’t have to go overboard. Heh heh.  The following are recommendations to add a bit of resort to your urban life.

bateau stripes

For a jaunty gal such as myself, who enjoys the fun of mixing high and low fashion, as well as masculine and feminine, bateau stripes knock me out in that it is Paris chic, Nautical, and bohemian all in one! Choose your inspiration: Hepburn, Bardot, or Sedgwick!

On the cheap: Currently, H&M is stripe crazy with a myriad of cuts from tanks to long sleeves to dresses offering the typical white and navy but also other colors such as pink and black.  With prices starting at around $12, this is a typical H&M steal. For another alternative, Jean-Paul Gaultier’s Target line which released on March 7 has a nautical themed tee with red and gray stripes ($19) – if you can get ‘em before the frugal fashionistas do!

High end: Comme des Garcons has a lovely version of the stripes. For those in Los Angeles, Satine Boutique on 3rd in Mid-City is currently carrying several. Saks Fifth and Fred Segal also carry the collection. Around a pretty $135.


A bag is perhaps the easiest way to participate in a trend without committing to it.  In a time when matching everything perfectly is perfectly pedestrian, a nautical bag will likely match nothing and everything you have!  My nautical bag for the season is actually the 15th Anniversary Special Issue by Japanese brand Cher.  It’s not as difficult to get as you may think. If you’re in New York City or Los Angeles, Japanese bookstore Kinokuniya should be carrying the anniversary box which carries the bag.  It has the Cher heart logo but has nautical rope and knots for its strap.  It comes with a small  matching cosmetic bag. All of it for $25!

Another affordable choice is the Kimchi and Blue oversized canvas bucket bag.  It comes in four different colors (I like the light green the most) and also has incorporated nautical rope. Also on the cheap for only $48!

anchor charm

Good thing you’re going cheapy on the bags, because you’re certainly not on your necklace! You’re not getting off that easy! With this beautiful diamond and platinum chain from Tiffany & Co. you’ll reflect the sun as you stretch aboard your sail boat. Make sure the captain’s wearing sunglasses! Retails at $1,675.  You can get the sterling silver for $175, but eww you know you don’t want to!

sailor hat

Last but not least, every good sailor needs a cap.  Amazon’s got these going for a good $5, but any good hat store or even costume store should get you exactly what you need!

Ships ahoy!

About the Author

Sinta Jimenez
Sinta Jimenez is a jack of many trades and master of none - well that's until recently when she received her Masters in Fine Arts for Writing from Otis College of Art and Design in Los Angeles, California. She worked as a financial analyst for two Fortune 500 companies before realizing her true love was writing and art.



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  1. I love the nautical look! Being that I live close to the beach, I feel like its a great look for this summers pool parties and bond fires!

  2. JoNo Gravatar

    i was just in paris & they are going cray-zy about bateau stripes – the high-end and lo-end storefronts all looked exactly the same!! loving this trend.

  3. i definitely wanna look into this. A trip to paris is a must lol

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