October 26th, 2010

Any Given Sunday: When do “Devastating” Hits Cross the Line?


The NFL has decided to clamp down on “devastating” hits after the gruesome action last Sunday that knocked a couple of players out with concussions and left one player leaving on a stretcher.

NFL players have not been completely quiet about this decision. Steeler Linebacker, Jerome Harrison, was contemplating retirement after he was fined by the NFL for laying what was described as a “devastating” blow on Browns Wide Receiver, Mohamed Massaquoi. Harrison stated that he was simply “doing his job” and if the NFL would not allow him to perform his job anymore, then it would be best for him to leave the game.

Since then, Harrison has decided to stay and will be in uniform for the Steelers on Sunday.

Understandably, The NFL is trying to protect the players from any serious damage. Over the past few years, awareness has really grown over the severe impact that concussions can have on the human brain.

These are incidents that happen every Sunday, not just this past weekend. There are rules already enforced that punish players for making Helmet-to-Helmet or illegal hits, let’s not jeopardize the essence and integrity of the game by punishing legal hits that are considered “devastating.”

Maybe an undisclosed NFL assistant coach said it best, “Playing in the NFL is a privilege nobody is forced to play. If you do not want to get hit like this or make these types of hits you do not have to play.”

It will be interesting to see how the players react on Sunday when the opportunity to hit someone arrives.

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  5. It will be interesting to see how the players react on Sunday when the opportunity to hit someone arrives.

  6. There are rules already enforced that punish players for making Helmet-to-Helmet or illegal hits.

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