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God Forgives: Rick Ross Suffers From Seizure

It has been reported that everyone’s favorite boss, who doesn’t really cut us checks, has suffered from a seizure today while waiting for his flight to leave Ft. Lauderdale airport. Sources say that CPR was administ...
by Demaris Bailey


The Beauty Diet: It’s Not Just Aesthetics

“Diets? To think there is a general one that works for all is, to be frank, a true illusion. Because it’s ridiculous to think that each of us, with our own metabolisms, habits, and nutritional needs can adjust to a diet t...
by Demaris Bailey


Why Some Women Can Have Problems Falling Asleep

We all know that sleep often becomes more difficult as we age. Some of us who’ve accumulated a certain number of birthday cards know this firsthand! We also know that our circadian “clocks” — an internal...
by Demaris Bailey



HTC Wants to Give Your Phone Major “Beats”

Have you ever wanted to use your cellphone as a boom box? Well, if you are apart of the few people that do, HTC is teaming up with Beats to give your cellphone high powered sounds. The Taiwan phone manufacturer said Thursday th...
by Demaris Bailey


Do We have To Be Wealthy To Eat Healthy?

Eating healthy is something that most of us have tried to do at some point during this summer. Cutting out all of the so called “goodies” that comfort us through the tough times and  make our stomach feel extremely...
by Demaris Bailey


FREEdom Is The New Accessory: Inside The Mind Of JeyFree

A New York native with the spirit of a world traveler, JeyFree has embarked upon a creative journey that one cannot help but wonder about. Her fascinating accessories not only help give any outfit the perfect amount of pizazz, ...
by Demaris Bailey



The Reader: No Book Left Behind

Growing up in the impoverished South Bronx area of New York City, the many books I read easily became my safe haven. I was more than willing to get lost in the pages, rather than join the other children on the drug plagued play...
by Demaris Bailey


The Power of Self-Reflection

Well, another year has just about come and gone. Just as we were so excited for it to begin, we are now ready for it to be over with.
by Demaris Bailey


Polygamy: Where They Do That At?

The thought of a man having more than one wife is not something I can even fathom.
by Demaris Bailey