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D for Dauxilly

Dominique Auxilly  made its first fashion week debut in September of 2009.
by Hassan Hakim


Giuliano Fujiwara Fall/Winter Footwear

For Fall/Winter 2010, Giuliano Fujiwara offers a peek into the future.
by Hassan Hakim


Louis Stewart: Duffle Bag Boy

We highlighted Louis Stewart’s bag collection a few weeks ago, but we realized that we were interested in learning more
by Hassan Hakim



Sunglasses at Night

Similar to other areas of fashion, we are seeing an emergence of new designers developing eye-catching sunglasses.
by Hassan Hakim


Louis Stewart: The man behind the MAN

If you haven’t heard of him already, Louis Stewart is a bag designer who has been creating a buzz on the streets.
by Hassan Hakim


Fancy Footwear

Okay, let’s talk shoes. This week I’ve taken a look into the Spring/Summer 2010 Neil Barrett footwear collection.
by Hassan Hakim



Morning Wood

Confused about what’s in or not? Cant figure out if you are dressing a little bit like 2009?
by Hassan Hakim