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Making Magic: Future the Rapper

From T.I. to Gucci Mane Atlanta is known to crank out new rap talent. Newest to the scene is Future. Most are familiar with his 2011 homage to Al Pacchino’s Scarface’s character, “Tony Montana” and his vocals on...
by Lynn McFail


The Magic Behind the Mix Tape

It’s very common to see music artists releasing three mix tapes to every single studio album they put out. Are these artists making three times as much money for their mix tapes or are they just putting out the music for the ...
by Lynn McFail


Miguel: The Retro, Super Future Artist

As a new recording sensation, Miguel has been covering a lot of territory and made me wonder, “What’s the deal with Miguel?”
by Lynn McFail



Sean Garrett Gives Advice To New Artists

Before Sean Garrett was deemed “The Pen” by his colleagues, he was in your shoes as an up and coming artist.
by Lynn McFail


4 Ways New Artists Can Build Their Fan Base

Gone are the days of traditional fan clubs, where you would mail in a fan club registration form along with your dues. In those days, you would  receive a poster, tour dates and maybe a note from the artist in return.
by Lynn McFail


Top Music Blogs To Be Featured On

With the State of the Blogosphere on the rise, blogs are not just a way to get new music, but also a way for independent artists to get their names in lights. 
by Lynn McFail



Que Speaks On His New Project: Guitar Her

Strapped with a new attitude and new music, Que (formally of Day 26), is back with new music from his latest project.
by Lynn McFail


I Do Music: A Resource For Indie Artists

The I Do Music blog is your daily dose of vital music knowledge needed to succeed and make right decisions within the very tricky music industry.
by Lynn McFail


The Greatest Story Never Told: Saigon

Rapper Saigon’s truthful lyrics and gritty beats produced by the infamous Just Blaze is an ingenious combination for success.
by Lynn McFail