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The True Cost Of Your Gadgets

We all want to make sure we keep our gadgets up-to-date, but have you stopped to think about the cost after purchase? In a recent Smart Money article, the author explains how much our treasured gadgets cost us during the produ...
by Corey Phillips


You Have Your Tax Refund… Now What?

The money you have been waiting for the whole year is about to be delivered to your mailbox or instantly deposited into your checking account. Before you spend it all on items you may regret later,  here are a few ideas on how...
by Corey Phillips


Want To Do Your Own Taxes?

Sitting home with your  W-2 Forms, calculator and black ball point pen you begin to wonder if you should continue on your own or visit your local Jackson Hewitt. Here are a few tips to ease your wondering mind. Do your taxes i...
by Corey Phillips



Money Lessons From The Oscars

Who said you couldn’t learn from Hollywood? In a recent MSN Money article, Liz Weston gives a run down of Oscar nominated movies and the financial lessons each one can teach. True Grit The message: Don’t be afraid t...
by Corey Phillips


Building a Budget that Won’t Buckle: Part 2

In part 1, we identified things we can do to build a stronger financial budget and how to learn from our previous mistakes. However, a budget is not a good budget if it doesn’t work for you. Here are some good websites to...
by Corey Phillips


Building a Budget that Won’t Buckle Part 1

Like many others, I am setting financial goals and budgeting to ensure that by Dec 31, 2011 I will be in better shape than I was at the close of 2010.
by Corey Phillips



New Year – New Financial Attitude

New Year resolutions come a stroke a minute, but let us make this New Year all about changing the way we do things financially. As I will turn 25 this year, I have decided to make this year all about getting a step up on my pee...
by Corey Phillips

Excited Shopping Woman

Tricks to Avoid Impulse Buys

The Holiday season is upon us and you are mostly likely you are feeling the pressure to accommodate the demands that come with the season. Well this is the time to treat your wallet with respect so you wont have that “Wha...
by Corey Phillips


Asking For a Raise in a Tight Economy

You may be sitting at work one day and realize, that you are working harder and longer than you normally would. You feel like you are not being compensated for the amount of work you do, but you are afraid to make mention becau...
by Corey Phillips