December 8th, 2009

Avoid Holiday Weight Gain


With obesity rates at all time highs, and the season of food, comfort and overindulgence right around the corner, the fear of weight gain is very real for most people. Keep off those pesky holiday pounds by upping fitness this December, and get a jump start on that New Year’s resolution with the help of some guidance from, a leading source of expert advice.

The winter is a great time to get involved in some outdoor sports that can really get a person’s heart rate going. Cardio exercise is imperative for maintaining or losing weight, and can help get the ball rolling for firming and toning of various muscle groups. Skiing, ice-skating and snowshoeing are all terrific exercise for legs and core muscles, but extreme sports aren’t for everyone. For something low impact to get blood pumping in the cold winter months, hot yoga and Pilates are great options. These alternative methods of exercise also help to increase flexibility, and can control blood pressure — a great benefit during the stressful holiday season.

Whether it be intense Tai Chi or simply walking fitness, any amount of physical exertion will help to deter extra bulge from setting up shop on an otherwise healthy body. Exercise isn’t the only key to success, however, as moderation is important to remember as well. Diet plans may work in favor for looking svelte on New Year’s Eve, but they must be adhered to for the ultimate avoidance of that famous Santa Claus belly fat. Body Mass Index or “BMI” is a good indicator of the amount of dieting and fitness necessary to be healthy, and as long as that is monitored, a little extra eggnog or helping of dessert may not be too much to ask for.

Toast to health this holiday season and the whole family will be reminded of what’s important. Everyone can help each other get involved in staying active, opt for healthier choices, and come together as a unit to celebrate what the holidays are about — without the associated weight gain.

For more tips on staying fit during the holiays, visit:

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  3. Whether it be intense Tai Chi or simply walking fitness, any amount of physical exertion will help to deter extra bulge from setting up shop on an otherwise healthy body. Exercise isn’t the only key to success, however,

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