December 22nd, 2010

Behind The Scenes: Kendall Jenner At Marcc Shoot


Although her family is really well known, Kendall Jenner has been recently making a name for herself in the fashion industry.

Her shoot yesterday with designer Marc Clark at the SLS Hotel in LA was  more than epic. Below are some behind the scenes shots, but the pics that will be used for the Marcc Spring/Summer 2011 look book will be released on January 3 at

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Kendall Jenner Shoots For Marcc’s New Collection

Of course everyone knows who the Kardashian’s are, but people are still trying to figure out what the younger sisters Kendall and Kylie will become. Kendall is a 15 year old star in the making. She is represented by Wilhelmin...
by Ronn Richardson


Photos: Marc Clark Adds Marcc Fox Tail Fur Hats To Collection

The new images from the Marcc collection satisfy my undying fashion appetite on more than one level.
by Keshia Ellis

Marcc Bow Tie Group Pic

Making a Marcc

There’s an evident influx of individuals who call themselves “designers.” While this occurrence prevails, quality, dedication and distinction sets Marc Clark apart from the masses of fashion hopefuls.
by Ronn Richardson



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