March 19th, 2010

BlackBerry vs. iPhone: Which #team are you on?

Working in a big city has granted me the opportunity to engage in “people watching.”

One of the main things that grabs my attention while “people watching” is the usage of the latest gadgets. Arguably, the top two phones that I’ve noticed have been the Blackberry and the iPhone. After any given day of “people watching,” I can log onto Twitter to hear more people conversing about which team they are on. #TeamBlackBerry vs. #TeamiPhone has been a controversial trending topic amongst the Twitter population for a while now. Many tweeters have voiced their opinion; however, I’m here to present a few noted highlights about each phone.


Thinking about converting? Want to know which phone is really the best? Better yet, what is your ultimate reason for a having a cellular phone? Let’s take a look into some deciding factors:


iphone-appsThere is no secret that the iPhone overpowers the Blackberry when it comes to Applications. The iPhone has an App for almost every idea you can think of. In fact, application development on the iPhone has been one of the highlights of the device since its inception.

Even though there are several hundred useless applications, there are hundreds more that make life easier all through the palm of your hand. The ‘Urban Spoon’ App is a favorite amongst many iPhoners. With a shake of the phone, it has the ability to randomly select nearby restaurants; thus making lunchtime dining much easier.

Meanwhile, the Blackberry has an App World that features a dynamic set of apps. There is a similar locator App called the ‘uLocate Communicator’ that features GPS assistance for restaurants, gas, movies and more.

However, Blackberry’s App World isn’t nearly as intense and plentiful as the Apple iPhone Store.

Winner: iPhone


The iPhone offers gaming in a slick, touch screen capacity.  Games like Texas Hold’Em and Cro-Mag Rally will keep you entertained for hours at a time. On the other hand, the BlackBerry offers Blackjack, Roulette, and Slots available in the App world for free.

Still, the touch screen capability makes gaming much more exciting. As opposed to a keyboard *blank stare*.

Winner: iPhone

Power & Performance

The iPhone has a faster CPU than Blackberry and more memory capacity. However, in everyday use, the notable difference decreases and so does the battery.  Both machines have similar capabilities when it comes to command and response. Both machines will run on battery alone for approximately three hours in constant use, and will keep going between ten and twelve hours while in idle.

In regard to appearance, the iPhone does not touch the Blackberry. The BlackBerry offers stability. It was built to satisfy corporate buyers who lead business-savvy lives. These machines have creative capabilities in the text-message and email area. The Blackberry machine can change voice to text and text to voice in one smooth process.

All of these abovementioned characteristics positioned the Blackberry as a winner before the iPhone was ever launched. In truth, BlackBerry devotees argued that iPhone could not stand-up to the rigorous demands of everyday use.  However, as time progressed, the iPhone has proven to be sustainable; just not as sustainable as the BlackBerry.

Winner: BlackBerry

Appearance & Durability

bb vs iphoneWith a bump, you can exchange contact information. With a tilt of the phone, you can play games. Lastly, with the smooth finger slide motion, you can zoom on your phone. The iPhone is innovative and has a sleek design, but as exciting as that may sound, the iPhone is extremely fragile.

On top of that, AT&T doesn’t offer insurance on the iPhone, so if you drop it, prepare to buy a brand new phone. You heard me right, iPhones have no insurance. It may be a good idea not to drop your phone more than once.

The BlackBerry on the other hand is made for accidents. Insurance is available, as well as a backup plan which allows its users to save all of its information onto a computer. Furthermore, the phone is a true lifeline.  It is dependable and strong, even when it hits the floor. It has a nice look, and is pretty easy to operate.

Winner: BlackBerry

Both phones offer a dynamic set of features that may be appealing to people with different lifestyles or demands. However, price and service providers also play a serious role in which phone people will choose.

The best possible solution would be to own a BlackBerry for calling and business purposes, and to invest in an iPod Touch for gaming and entertainment.

For those of you who have already chosen a side, tell us why. Which team are you on? #TeamBlackBerry vs. #teamiPhone. Who wins the battle?

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  1. I own a Blackberry for 3 years now. The “hinges” are coming off now so I am investigating a new one. Looking back, I dropped my phone dozen’s of times. I even dropped a hammer on it once. (Don’t ask)
    For that I love this tool. I appreciate the IPhones apps and the look however, I need a tool, not a toy. I need Phone, e-mail, bluetooth, GPS and perhaps an MP3player. I don’t need my phone to be a level like my buddy tells me abou the IPhones app.
    So I guess I am on TeamBlackBerry
    I would like however more robust Media Support then what my current model offers.

  2. I was thinking about getting a new smartphone (I own an HTC), and I didn’t know if I should get the BlackBerry or the iPhone.
    I do now, and even though most people my age (15 years old) like the iPhone, I’m on
    and I’m getting a new Bold, tomorrow.

  3. Thinking about converting? Want to know which phone is really the best? Better yet, what is your ultimate reason for a having a cellular phone? Let’s take a look into some deciding factors:

  4. Considering all these things that seem to matter today will really be useful from to time.

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