November 21st, 2011

Can Your Boss be Trusted?

A certain level of trust is needed for any team or business to succeed, but trust encompasses a lot of things and definitely means different things depending on who you are. It is unquestionably important that you are able to place enough trust in your boss that you feel comfortable enough to follow him or her. Can you trust him to make ethical and moral decisions? Can you trust that he really has your best interests in mind?

Being able to determine whether or not you can trust your boss’ competency and ethics will most likely take time to observe how he handles various situations, but something that you can be on is that even if he say’s he has your best interests in mind, you shouldn’t trust him 100%

Just like any individual, you boss will make decisions based on what he or she believes to be important and when it really comes down to it, you boss is thinking of himself first, just like how you are thinking about yourself first as well. If your boss has to make a decision that could be detrimental to him, it’s much more likely that he’ll do his best to protect himself first, which may not be as horrible as you might think.

Even though your boss is thinking of himself, his reputation within a company is something he knows will affect how his boss and/or customers view him. Your success and happiness as an employee truly is a reflection upon him and makes him look good. But remember when he tell you he wants to see you succeed that he really means he want you to succeed as long as it isn’t too costly to him or the company.

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