Even a Broken Clock is Right Twice a Day: Just Go For It!

The young professionals of “Generation Now” all have one thing in common, we go for it! Recent college graduates and young professionals are apart of the culture that acts now, then asks questions later. We seem to ...
by DeAndra Harrison


Benefits of Joining a Professional Association

Professional associations are the most forgotten and misunderstood career development tools.
by Joshlyn Ross


Relocating Made Easy

Are you feeling complacent? Are you ready to make that next big move, but unsure of how to do it?
by Joshlyn Ross



Job Search: Tweet This!

Les Brown is a top Motivational Speaker, Speech Coach, and Best-Selling Author who often proclaims “Your network will determine your net worth.”
by Joshlyn Ross


Four Resume Formats For The Young Professional

The purpose of a resume is to assist job-seekers in securing an interview. Therefore, it typically includes accomplishments, education, work/volunteer experiences and a combination of skills and strengths. Although most resumes...
by Joshlyn Ross


Working in the Fashion Industry

When you work in the fashion industry you get golden invites to a lot of exclusive events with all the stars and usually get to party fabulous with all the great drinks and bubbly champagne because a party is not a party withou...
by Socialtik Mag



Experience or Education: Which One Lands You the Job?

Take this scenario: Bob and Joe are both applying for the same job. They each interview well, but Bob has 15 years’ experience and no college degree, and Joe is fresh out of college with no experience.
by Ronn Richardson


Can You Lead Without Communication Skills?

In a perfect world, all leaders would be trained in communication. Indisputably, communication is essential to good leadership. Without effective communication, one cannot lead.
by Joshlyn Ross


How To Interview While Working a Full-time Job

Looking for a job while you currently have one can be tricky, especially depending on the industry and organization that you work in. Discretion is key as you do not want your current employer to get wind of your plans. Besides...
by Genel Ambrose