Understanding What Fonts to Use on Your Resume

Times, they are a’changin’. Actually, make that Times New Roman. What was once the default font of choice is now seen as lackluster, lazy, and difficult—three words we’re sure you wouldn’t put on your résumé. The fo...
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How to Successfully Ask for a Raise

If it’s been a long time since your last promotion or raise, it might be time for you to speak up and ask for that raise. Here are some approaches you may want to consider when planning how you’ll ask for your raise. The di...
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Too Much Passion at Work Could Ruin Your Career

Every business wants workers who passionately love their work. And for good reason: workers who are inspired are more productive, and passion can provide the energy necessary to fuel engagement, amidst obstacles and setbacks. B...
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How Do We Thrive in Today’s Business World?

What is it that makes a business stay afloat in today’s marketplace….actually not only to stay afloat but to prosper, grow and show a successful return for the individual(s) who have invested time and money? This is...
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Let’s Chat With a Young PR Rockstar From HGTV

It’ was a busy week and a lot has been going on in the public relations industry, but Jade Williams, Publicist at HGTV, found time to allow me to pick her brain.
by DeAndra Harrison


Even a Broken Clock is Right Twice a Day: Just Go For It!

The young professionals of “Generation Now” all have one thing in common, we go for it! Recent college graduates and young professionals are apart of the culture that acts now, then asks questions later. We seem to ...
by DeAndra Harrison



When too much work, bores you…

You’re sitting in your cubicle, bored out of your mind. As usual. You wonder whether you could ever feel satisfied and challenged at work. You wonder whether it’s normal to feel this restless. I mean, your job sounds good o...
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Are You Doing What It Takes to Succeed in Your Career?

The single most important factor in achieving any measure of sustainable success is commitment. There is no substitute, and no short-cut around it. A contract without commitment is just words on a piece of paper. Without commit...
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How Do Women Advance in the Workplace?

It’s no secret that men outnumber women in the workforce, especially when it comes to top-level executive positions. However, that has not stopped the many of women that have contributed to increasing the number of females in...
by Joshlyn Ross