2010 Midterm Elections: More Than A Day Off from School or Work

All across the nation, candidates, pundits and politicians are hoping that “voter burn out” does not occur this year.
by Domonique Thompson


Senator Ted Stevens Killed In Plane Crash

Theodore “Ted” Stevens of Alaska and four others were killed in an airplane crash Monday night in Alaska.
by Domonique Thompson


Another First for Barack Obama

President Barack Obama made history yet again, as the first sitting American Head of State and Government to appear on a daytime talk show, The View.
by Domonique Thompson



National Day of Prayer

For the second year in a row, the National Day of Prayer will not be publicly recognized by the Obama Administration.
by Corey Phillips


The Land of the Free

This country was built by immigrants, it will continue to attract and need immigrants.
by Joshlyn Ross


Obama Drama

Mahatma Ghandi; Martin Luther King, Jr.; Nelson Mandela; Toussaint Louverture…
by Royce Badger