November 28th, 2009

Did He Transform?


I’m totally against a man putting his hands on a woman for any reason, but once someone sincerely apologizes and makes a vow to change, how can you not forgive them? Many people said his career was over and there was no chance he could make a return and be idolized the same way he was before him and Rihanna’s altercation. I beg to differ.

I had the opportunity to see Chris Brown perform at the 105.1 FM Powerhouse Concert at the IZOD Centre last week and the crowd received him very well. During the show I heard people continuously asking when Chris Brown was going to come out – they waited for a while, because he was the last of the 8 performers to hit the stage.

Being his first time on the stage since the incident, Chris seemed to be a little more reserved than I have normally seen him during his performances, nonetheless, he killed it! Despite technical difficulties while performing “Forever,” his part of the show surpassed my expectations.

Hopefully this will make Chris an even better singer and artist as a whole. After all, the best way to come back from a negative is to turn all of the energy into positive actions. We all know that he is more than capable of doing so, but sometimes you need the support of others to help you make it through.

We have all been through points in our lives where we made mistakes and people didn’t think highly of us. Let’s remember that the celebrities we critize so vehemently are no different from us; they’re still human. Like he said in his latest single, He’s a changed man.

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  1. LiaNo Gravatar

    I agree with this article everbody makes mistakes & deserves to be forgiven.

  2. I have never had any reservations about Chris Brown’s career. Through the domestic dispute/abuse, I was completely unaffected as a fan. I guess it was how I looked at him prior (which was as a kid even though we’re close in age).

    Anyway, I’m far more interested in seeing the numbers.

  3. GioNo Gravatar

    Oh i can go on and on about this Chris Brown story, i honestly feel that he is being pardoned so easily by many because HE IS CHRIS BROWN. If someone punches you in the eye says sorry and promised that he has changed is it that easy to forgive them, or even believe them? Domestic abuse is not new to anyone, but when it is publicly displayed it amazes me how people want to sweep it under the carpet. Two months after the incident he was JEt Skiing, can you believe that? is he sorry that he did it, or is he sorry that the world knows and it could potentially ruin his career? What punishment did receive……Community service, People do that for fun, that is Not PUNISHMENT. He didn’t suffer any real consequences, the boy is still selling out concerts.

  4. I continue to appreciate Chris Brown, to some extent, as a singer and a performer. While I have not completely lost respect for him, I must agree with Gio that he has not fully redeemed himself. Yes he should not be unfairly scrutinized because of his fame and musical success. At the same time, he would have an easier time convincing me that he is a ‘changed man’ if he was more public about whether he is attending counseling sessions and anger management classes to properly deal with his harmful bout of anger.

    This ‘Rihanna incident’ (as we are calling it), while unfortunate, could serve as a true teachable moment. It could be a beautiful opportunity for us as a people, particularly black people, to embrace the power of counseling. Black people have a long history of stigmatizing mental health services, like counseling. This is due to many of our belief systems, unfair treatment from mental health professionals, or an overall unwillingness to accept mental health as a real field of study that deserves our undying attention. Sadly, this disdain for therapy and counseling leaves us with very few productive outlets by which we could address our issues of anger, depression, fear, etc.

    Ultimately, whether or not we should be harder or more lenient in our treatment of Chris Brown is too basic a question for me to engage with. The real issue is that black people, men and women, are angry in this country and have been for a very long time. Until we deal with the mental health crisis plaguing our communities, Chris Brown will stand in as a place holder for our pent up insecurities, frustrations and disappointments causing us to lash out at vulnerable and unsuspecting parties…oops, partners.

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