August 26th, 2010

Guest Post: Eric Sosa Shares His Top 5 Videos of All Time

Good morning, good afternoon, good evening to all the Socialtikers out there! If you don’t know by now, I’m Eric Sosa, and I am a guest writer on Socialtik Mag this week. This is my second post and I’ve decided to share a list of SOME of my favorite videos of all time across genres.

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Here we go…


Aaliyah – Are You That Somebody Official Video

Nine years ago yesterday, this young lady died in a tragic plane crash. I remember being on vacation in South America and receiving a phone call telling me Aaliyah died. I don’t know if it was because she was so young (22) or simply because her career was so young, but I remember it hitting me as if I knew her personally.

With that said, it’s only right that I start this off with “Are You That Somebody.” I usually don’t like soundtrack (Dr. Dolittle) music videos. (They’re cheesy to me, but I must say this one was pretty dope.)

Now is it just me or did she have a thing for motorcycles? She has at least one in just about all her videos.

I like the whole futuristic bat cave theme. One thing that always stood out in this video was her singing with a hawk on her arm. The choreography is dope as well. I remember being hyped when my sister and I realized she had the same sneakers as Aaliyah did.

Aaliyah helped open the door for women to wear boxers, dress baggy and still be sexy. Now I’m an R&B head and there are so many more joints to choose from, but today… this is my favorite R&B music video.

Hip Hop

LL Cool J “Doin’ It”

From Farmers Blvd to Sunrise Cinema, LL Cool J never failed to represent Queens in his music videos. So for that, today my favorite Hip Hop video is “Doin’ It.”

The first time I saw this video I was around 8 years old. My sister and I always watched music videos in the morning before going to school, when my pops suddenly walked in the room spazzinn’ because he thought we were watching soft porn. Then again, this just might be the sexiest Hip Hop record of all time. The way he arranged the song to be a conversation with a female that not only wasn’t famous, but wasn’t a rapper either, was innovative.

I also remember making a big deal over the cordless phone he uses in the “all white room” scene, because it was the EXACT same cordless house phone we had.

The combination of colors in the scene where he’s eating an apple and enjoying the peep show is sick. They played with sexual innuendos by panning across the word “cock” in cocktail on the Junior’s Cheescake storefront.  Also, seeing him rock a hard hat in the bedroom added comic relief.

Man it’s just a dope video… Queens!


Jamiroquai – Virtual Insanity


My favorite Rock video is “Virtual Insanity,” by Jamiroquai. I know I know. Most of you are probably saying, “WTF? This ain’t Rock?!” Although Jamiroquai falls under genres like acid jazz and funk, this song charted on Billboard’s Modern Rock Tracks. As if the visual of him dancing in an asylum that could easily double as a lounge wasn’t enough, the moving floor adds to the crazy cool environment. From the outfit that’s like Mad Hatter meets 80’s Hip Hop, the random animals, the spilt wine (Or is it blood?) you will be lost in his Virtual Insanity. Sheer Rock genius.


Daft Punk – Burnin’


“Burnin,’” by Daft Punk is my favorite Techno video. From the push of a button, this song alone builds some sort of anxiety. I love how the video displays the boy’s imagination, from playing with a toy fire truck at a backyard barbeque, to being a firefighter trying to put out a “fire” in a penthouse. I can’t tell if it’s his imagination or if it could be a flash forward. Still, the mixture of styles, races and ages partying in the penthouse is always dope.

Listen to my version of “Burnin’” titled “Nonbeliever” on (music/ promo singles)


Madonna – Vogue


I love Hip Hop, but being that fashion is my mistress, it’s only right that I choose “Vogue” by Madonna for my favorite Pop video. I think it’s safe to say that Madonna changed the world of runway with this song. I feel like the whole black and white effect in music videos has been exhausted, but this one seems to be paying homage to the glamour of the 40’s and 50’s. Between the props and the wardrobe, I would love to see this in color. The way she used the bridge of the song to shout out performers from that era, while making it rhyme, was pretty innovative for a 90’s music video. Other than that, there’s just about nothing I wouldn’t do to Madonna sexually. Lol ummm yea, I’ll leave it that

About the Author

Eric Sosa
His music speaks for itself and to the masses. As a result of an insatiable dedication to self-reinvention, the young Queens MC has virtually mastered the art of rhetoric, and epitomizes lyrical confidence and skill, with a range and timeless feel not displayed by many artists today.



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