October 12th, 2010

Finding the “U” in Success

For most people, the ultimate goal in life is to become successful. Success can be defined as the attainment of achievement, wealth and honors.

Success may come easier for some  and may take more time for others. For the latter group, achieving the level of success they desire, may take a little more guidance and preparation. Luckily, there are a number of books and articles that can assist in a person’s journey to reach their ultimate goal.

The self-proclaimed Empowerer,  George A. Olokun, provides particular steps toward success in his recent book, “Empowered to Achieve: 50 Keys to Being and Becoming.”

You may have a dream of one day being the best at what you wish to become. However, if you do not fully believe in yourself and or have a plan, then you will slowly watch that dream fade. You have to find the  “U” in SUCCESS. This word will now be viewed as a guide to “Start Understanding Certain Conclusions by Examining your Steps to Success.”

No longer will you ask yourself  “Why is this happening?” Or “What am I supposed to do now?” From here on out, begin to understand the situations that you are placed in, interpret various conclusions or outcomes and implement possibilities while examining your next step in your entrepreneurial journey.

When you are able to stop in your tracks and begin to understand the “Why’s,” this  will eliminate the “What ifs” that deter your decision making. Key# 10 in Olokun’s book is “Be Original.” He says, “Understand each of us is uniquely placed in different situations based on the level of ENDURANCE we were born with, never compare your life to that of the next person.”

The keyword in that quote was Understand! You have to understand the reason, the how and the why’s or each situation, create a conclusion of what you want you want out of life, eliminate the “what ifs” and strive to plan out how to exactly obtain that ultimate goal of success. Similarly, your journey to S.U.C.C.E.S.S. must first begin with U.

About the Author

DeAndra Harrison
DeAndra` A. Harrison, Editor for Socialtik Mag is a Columbus, OH native, trying to survive in the "concrete jungle of NYC", who is passionate about her entrepreneurial ambitions. She is striving to succeed and she will let everyone know. She believes that helping herself is not enough, so she actively imparts the knowledge she acquires to those around her.



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