August 25th, 2010

Five Essential Items For The Fall

It’s the last full week of August, next weekend is Labor Day weekend and the unofficial end to the summer season.

This dreary, rainy and cold weekend we’ve had in the north east has made me realize that fall is right around the corner. A realization that has spawned the question, “Am I ready?”

Heck no, I’m not ready! Where did these last few months go? Just a few days ago, I was on beautiful Lake Cayuga in Upstate NY. Now with this doom and gloom preview of fall we’ve been having, I’m finding myself taking jackets and sweaters to the cleaners. This isn’t right, because according to the calendar, we still have about a month left of summer. Can someone please tell Mother Nature that!

Being a Summer baby, it’s no surprise that I love the playful and carefree atmosphere of spring and summer. However, being a fashionista, the Fall and Winter is when I thrive! These are the seasons when fashion truly comes alive. So how does one segue from boat shoes and seersucker shorts to cashmere cardigans and lambskin gloves?

There are 5 essential items that are the foundations of a great Fall/Winter wardrobe. With these items, anybody can masterfully craft a fully functional and stylish template.

A Great Bag – You were carefree in the past two seasons, rightly so, but this is the time when many are returning back to school and work. A good carry-all is practical for all those things you may unexpectedly need while your out. Be sure that the bag you select fits your style and character!

Medium to Lightweight Jacket/Umbrella – For those early mornings or days in the office that stretch into the night, you can ensure that you keep warm. In case the weather stays warm, you can always stow it in your bag if you don’t need it. As for the umbrella, its always practical to have one. An English gentleman wouldn’t be caught with out one, for fear it should rain on a female travel companion.

A Signature Piece – This can be anything you want. Something that you identify with, be it hats, scarves, or a great pair of boots. Everyone, male and female, should have that one thing that’s unique to their style. Don’t be afraid of spending a few extra dollars for an item that will out last the ever changing trends.

Skin Care Products – Have you ever seen someone and said “They’re always well put together?” What if you saw that person with out the clothes and realized they had dry and brittle skin? This is the time when you want to be cuddled up with someone, not be cut up by some ones sharp hands and feet. Excellent personal hygiene is the true mark of any fashionable person. The crisp Fall/Winter air can be harsh on the skin so be sure to stay moisturized. Hands, feet, lips and face should all be taken care of!

Home Exercise Equipment – With the upcoming seasons, come many holidays where food will be a central theme. That doesn’t mean ditch your Summer body completely. Maybe the weather prohibits you from running through the park, but why not invest in a treadmill or some free weights? This saves money on gym memberships and you can pace yourself, not having to scramble as soon as March comes around. And nothing accents that cashmere dress or that wool sweater than a nice toned body.

These are my “must have” items. And as I look around, I see that I have some shopping to do! With these five basic things I can take my Fall/Winter wardrobe where ever I want it to go, building an amazing collection! Fads come and go but with these base ideas you will not be a victim of fashion, jumping from trend to trend. What are some things on your “must have” list

About the Author

Domonique Thompson
Holding degrees in Politcal Science and English from Columbia University, modeling professionally for New York Model Management, owing his own styling and event planning company (A Dream Preferred), and having been in the Boys Choir of Harlem for 15 years all qualify Domonique to give his personal view on the subjects that matter most to him: Politics, Religion, Music, Fashion, and Pop Culture



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  1. Great great piece! I think a signature piece is DEFINITELY a must have for all seasons especially the fall/winter season. I love a great knee high boot for those breezy fall days and cold winter nights.

  2. I think they maybe anothor essential.

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  4. Have you ever seen someone and said “They’re always well put together?” What if you saw that person with out the clothes and realized they had dry and brittle skin? This is the time when you want to be cuddled up with someone

  5. Wow! This is so exciting and surprising to have. – Marla Ahlgrimm

  6. Well talking about men’s fashion would be easy when we compare it to women. As men are not as conscious as women regarding what they wear and everything related to them. I have been doing content marketing for my clients from fashion industry and they are also agreed that women’s fashion is more complicated.

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