November 28th, 2009

From the Streets to Your Computer

It seems that many urban schools, cities and streets have become a place where violence and bloodshed have become the norm. I’m well aware that fighting among teenagers is nothing new, but it seems these cruel and animalistic behaviors have become a fascinating spectacle for all to see.

 The bystanders in the vicinity of the war zone are not the only ones who witness these acts, but other teenagers and adults also watch these street brawls from their computer screens.

 If you type in “school fight” or “street brawl” into a search on You Tube, you are guaranteed to see more videos than time would allow you to watch.

Sometimes I sit and read the comments left by others who have watched the same pointless fights. Oftentimes, people will leave comments like “that was a good fight” or “she or he deserved that.” How could someone watch these videos and not see the bigger picture – which seems to be very evident.

This video could have been of you being beat senseless or your child, friend or relative. Truth be told, it seems anyone can be a victim of a random attack by one person or a group of people just looking for trouble.

I also wonder about the person who videotapes the fight. Sometimes they also play the commentator as if we are watching a Boxing match on HBO. Why is it that no one tries to stop the fight, or call the authorities. It’s because they don’t want the fight to stop! These fights are amusement – a form of entertainment for some onlookers.

What happens when the fight goes too far? When someone dies or when another child doesn’t get the chance to grow up – to experience life.

This was the case in the brutal street fight that happened a few months ago in Chicago. I’m sure you’ve heard of this by now, but this video left me in a state of awe and confusion and was the primary reason I decided to write this post. Derrion Albert was a 16 year old public school student that was beaten to death by a group of teens. If you watch the video you can see the repeated blows he takes to the head which ultimately resulted in his death.

 I wish I knew the answer that could stop the unnecessary violence and save lives. The problem is, the issue is a lot deeper than the surface will allow us to see.

Maybe in another post I will delve deeper into the issues that are attributed to violence in urban areas.

(photo by Polina Sergeeva)

About the Author

Ronn Richardson
Ronn Richardson is a young PR professional from NYC who is determined to learn as much as he can despite any barriers that try to hinder him. Eager to see a change in the types of online publications that college students, young professionals and new-school entrepreneurs visit, he conceived Socialtik Mag.



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