November 28th, 2009

Job Search: Faulty Preparation = Faulty Results

Landing a job during the harsh economic times we are facing may seem like a hard task to accomplish, but landing a good-paying, beneficial career in your prospective industry may seem like a feat that cannot be attained.

During my senior year, I never thought there was a possibility that the recession would have an effect on me. Despite the worries of some of my peers around me, I believed I had taken some necessary steps during my undergraduate career that would make me stand out to recruiters.

Although my labor did not produce an immediate return after graduation, after four months, I landed an ideal position in the field I desired – public relations.

Here are a few simple things I did that I believe helped me out. Maybe utilizing this advice can help you successfully land your ideal position after graduation.

Consistency in Internship Selection:

I made sure every internship I chose was within the prospective field I desired to be in. Doing so, not only allowed me to build a solid resume with relative experience, but it also allowed me to work alongside professionals who taught me more than I could ever imagine. While academics provide great insight into your field of study, landing internships can help strengthen the skill set you will need to excel in your ideal career.


I will never forget the overly used phrase my Research & Evaluation professor would say almost everyday we had class. ‘Faulty Research = a Faulty Campaign!” While the entire class would find this humorous because of the piercing tone she delivered it in, I knew there was validity to her statement. I realized research was one of the most important things I would need to do in order to attack my job search.

I created a folder on my lap top called “career.” This may sound like overkill, but I kept a compilation of articles I would find on ‘landing a job after graduation’ and because of the economic effect on unemployment, there were many articles to read. I learned many useful tips that helped me initiate my job search and I believe they played a major role in the way I approached every aspect of my job search.

I also researched various companies in my field that I felt were ideal organizations for me. I looked for a certain size agency, accessible location, high rank in the sector, industry accolades and a proven track record. These criteria narrowed my list of 100 pr firms to 30. I sent out tailored emails to each, and I’m glad to say, the company I work for now was among my initial list of prospective places to work.


You will not get every job you apply for. Sounds harsh, but it’s a blunt reality. I had a lot of confidence and skills to back it up, but I was turned down from many jobs. Many of my friends and family members can attest that my patience began to wear thin, and my passion seemed to fade, but there was something in me that continued my employment search with out hesitation. I worked at two separate jobs that were not in my field, but I never became complacent – I applied for at least two new jobs everyday. I used sites like Hot Jobs, Media Bistro and even Craigslist to find prospective positions.

Of course these three concepts were not the only things that played a part in my search, but they each were a few of the more important aspects. If you are still searching for the right position, DON’T GIVE UP, never become complacent and always search for new opportunities.

About the Author

Ronn Richardson
Ronn Richardson is a young PR professional from NYC who is determined to learn as much as he can despite any barriers that try to hinder him. Eager to see a change in the types of online publications that college students, young professionals and new-school entrepreneurs visit, he conceived Socialtik Mag.



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  1. HA! “Fualty Research equals a Fualty campaign people!”

    Great article and so proud of what you did with the site!

  2. We should prepar well before doing anything.

  3. When it comes to things that would have been helpful for everything we need to learn well.

  4. Of course these three concepts were not the only things that played a part in my search, but they each were a few of the more important aspects. If you are still searching for the right position, DON’T GIVE UP, never become complacent and always search for new opportunities.

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