November 28th, 2009

Job Search: Tweet This!


Les Brown is a top Motivational Speaker, Speech Coach, and Best-Selling Author who often proclaims “Your network will determine your net worth.”

Much validity lies in that statement. However, many concerns follow, and many individuals often wonder…How do I gain a network? What is the first step? Well, utilizing what is readily available is the first step. Many people are involved in social networking sites such as Facebook, Myspace, and the latest popular application – Twitter.

Twitter is a real-time short messaging service that allows its “tweeters” to share what they are doing in less than 140 characters. However, many do not realize the power of Twitter and other sites for networking purposes.

With the condition of the economy today, and unemployment at its lowest in decades, people are utilizing innovative methods to find jobs. Corporations and high-profile executives have twitter accounts and often use them when scouting for potential employees.

Like Facebook, Twitter allows recruiters to pre-screen applicants and determine if they are a match for their respective companies. Twitter accounts say a lot about an individual. Employers can trace back to the very first tweet that was ever created. Thus, it is pertinent not to share any scrutinizing comments online, as they can come back to haunt. To better guide those hungry job seekers, I have devised a list of do’s and do not’s to better assist with gaining employment via social networks.


  • Monitor what is said online
  • Follow high-level executives and more importantly DO reach out to them when appropriate
  • Follow local job links (i.e. @Bay_Area_Jobs, @Atlanta_marketing)
  • Use proper grammar as much as possible while online
  • Use the Twitter shorthand to find a job. Search #jobFeedr (without the e) to see a listing of current jobs
  • Consider becoming a self-marketer. Key words include ‘For Hire’ ‘Need a Job’, and ‘Need Work.’ The specialized tag: #NAJ (which stands for needs a job) should be placed in any listing that has personal skills listed. Employers search this tag to find potential employees

Do not

  • Engage in gossip
  • Use vulgar language
  • Post obscene Twit Pics

In addition to this, others are creating innovative tools for use in online job searches. TweetMyJOBS is one of those tools, and it does this by harnessing the power of Twitter. Follow the steps below to provide a boost to online search for employment.

Step 1

Go to and establish an account using the “Sign Up” link. Once the account is created, take time to edit the public profile. The information entered here is important — this is what employers will see.

Step 2

Be sure to add a resume at the bottom of the public profile page. While it is optional, it can help to improve with job searching.

An important tip when posting a resume is to use HTML tags for formatting. Although it is not mentioned on the page, if simple text is entered, it will be displayed as one big paragraph. However, by adding basic HTML tags, it will be easier to read (and will stand out from those who have not formatted theirs). Be sure to format the job experience using the list tags.

Step 3

Another advantage to posting a resume is that an individual can tweet it (have it posted) to Twitter every 24 hours. Doing so will cause it to remain fresh and make it easier for employers to find it. Also, use a bookmark to link it, making it a click away each day.

While these seem like mediocre steps, they can further help to put job seekers on the market, and assist in a major way to finding employment. While all may seem lost at the moment, just remember the importance of the three P’s: Patience, Persistence, and Passion. Good luck!

About the Author

Joshlyn Ross
A native of Oakland, California, Joshlyn Ross works diligently to share variations of industry news. She also shares words of wisdom and tips for other young professionals looking to capitalize in their respective fields.



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  1. Networking and social media sites offer a lot of benefits especially to job seekers. But still, one must be very careful when using them because it has also disadvantages.

  2. I’ve been trying to find out a little more about this kind of stuff, thanks for sharing

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