July 29th, 2010

Kanye Brings All That Power To Twitter

Kanye West made hashtags, Twitter-speak for headlines, when he joined the social media site. If the infamous blue check failed to debunk questions of, “Is this really him?”, then his signature cockiness that was evident in his tweets and Twitpics should do the job.

Not since “TheRealLilKim” joined Twitter, has there been such a firestorm attached to a celebs arrival. Although TheRealLilKim” was not the real Lil Kim, the impostor set the site ablaze when they threw gasoline and a match at Diddy and Nicki Minaj.

Kanye made the iconic fashion brand Lanvin a trending topic all while amassing at least 222,000 followers in his first day. Keeping in line with his persona, Kanye didn’t follow anyone. Not even the celebs who welcomed him to the site, such as Brandy or Lil Mo. West’s arrival spurred new hashtags left and right! Some included #IfKanyeWasMyBrother, #PredictedKanyeTweets, and others have joined the legendary #KanyeShrug.

Many may ask, “Why do we care?” For a Kanye fan, such as myself, the answer is easy. I followed him for the outlandish cocky and arrogant things I know he’ll tweet. #DontJudgeMe but I love his attitude and like almost a quarter million other people, I wait with baited breath for the excitement he is sure to add to the wonderful world of Twitter.

A true fan of Kanye knows that the chances of him following and or responding are slim to none. It’s the intensity of it all that gets us going. Now if you are in search of a celeb that will respond/follow back, then Alicia Keys, Nicki Minaj, Lil Mo, and many other celebs might be the right fit.

However, if you are like me and 250,000 other people in the Twitter-verse that love the outlandish tweets of private jets and Versace sofas then @kanyewest is the one to follow.

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Holding degrees in Politcal Science and English from Columbia University, modeling professionally for New York Model Management, owing his own styling and event planning company (A Dream Preferred), and having been in the Boys Choir of Harlem for 15 years all qualify Domonique to give his personal view on the subjects that matter most to him: Politics, Religion, Music, Fashion, and Pop Culture



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  1. I'm not as much of a Twitter buff as I once was, but I know Kanye is going to add much excitement to the networking site. I am a fan of his no matter what he joins or who he follows.

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  5. I wait with baited breath for the excitement he is sure to add to the wonderful world of Twitter.

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