January 26th, 2011

Knock Off or Knockout


Everybody has heard the term “Fake it til you make it,” but is faking it before you make it really a good thing to do when it comes to fashion?

In today’s society, people always seem too want the things that they can’t have or what they can’t afford. Despite how far fetched it seems, I believe everyone can have luxury brand items, but it just takes more work to get it for some people. But, the question still arises, is it okay to wear knock-off clothing and accessories?

It seems like the prevalence of replica designer brands continues to rise. In some cases, the knock-offs have become so good that you can’t tell if the items are the original. Why are people going to extremes to find these knock-off items? Wearing a luxury brand shows status and who doesn’t want the same items our favorite celebrities wear?

The problem with wearing replica items is that the designers that make the real items work so hard to make these products for their customers and of course the designers don’t get paid when people buy the knock-offs from Canal Street.

Most people feel you have to wear luxury brands to be fashionable and that is why they feel they have to buy the fakes. To be fashionable is not always who you wear, but how you wear what you have.

You can wear clothing from Wal-Mart and still be fashionable. If you are really creative, you can make your look seem like it came from Emilio Pucci.

So do you still buy the Knock off or and pretend or just pay a little more and buy the original?

About the Author

Keshia Ellis
Keshia Ellis is a wardrobe stylist, designer, and writer with clients in both Atlanta and New York City. She currently resides in Atlanta but was born in Phoenix, Arizona. Keshia's main focus is to spread knowledge about fashion and her main goal is to help people bring out their inner style.



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  2. Thanks dude, I thought the ending was lame, even though I wrote it. Hah.

  3. I believe everyone can have luxury brand items, but it just takes more work to get it for some people.

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