March 23rd, 2010

Louis Stewart: Duffle Bag Boy

We highlighted Louis Stewart’s bag collection a few weeks ago, but we realized that we were interested in learning more about this up & coming designer who left one of the most prevalent fashion houses.

After digging deep and scouring social media interfaces, we were able to link up with the mysterious designer. While its rare for Stewart to hold interviews or photo shoots, Socialtik worked diligently to bring you the below exclusive interview.

Socialtik Mag: How did your career at Louis Vuitton begin? What encouraged you to leave?

Louis Stewart: What a lot of people don’t know is that,  the Louis Vuitton brand has been around over 150 years and it’s one of the biggest brands on the planet as well. I am forever grateful to them for giving me a platform to begin my creative process, but it was time to move on and do what was the best for Louis Stewart! By the way, that is the name my mother gave me at birth. Ironic, I know. I started out as a pattern cutter for the backpacks & duffe bags. My job as a pattern cutter became boring and I was more creative than that. I wanted to use more exotic leathers and materials, rather than  the traditional canvas LV & Damier Azur print. I developed my relationships with several Material Manufactures overseas and I developed my own brand and style. As a designer, I realize people like variety & colors, so that’s what I’ve focused on.

SM: Can you describe your experiences working with such a powerful brand in the fashion world?

LS: The main thing I learned at Louis Vuitton was QUALITY came first! If the quality is there… sales will follow. I also learned about longevity. LV has existed for over 100 years and that says a lot about the quality of their products. I’m not into taking down Louis Vuitton, but I’m just trying to let the new generation know that there is something out there that is  fresh and new. I’m giving the new generation options, no different than Coke and Pepsi or Nike and Reebok.

SM: Have you always been passionate about fashion or was it something that grew on you?

LS: I have always been passionate about fashion, as a child my mom subscribed to Vogue, Vanity Fair & GQ magazine. I grew up in a house full of women and my mother taught me how to sew at a very young age. By my teenage years I was making my mother and sister’s clothes. It was bound to happen.

SM: So what inspired you to forge your own designer bags?

LS: It was always my dream to have my own line, I just thought it would be clothing. But with so many clothing lines out there, I changed my whole focus to accessories. That was a lane never traveled  by African-Americans. By the grace of God, it was the best move I ever made! Just like we have a Black President now, I am inspired  to think that anything is possible if you put God first and believe. I believe The Louis Stewart Collection is the next high-end brand on the market.

SM: Describe the typical consumer that purchases a Louis Stewart bag.

LS: Well, Our tag line is “The Louis Stewart Collection. Enjoy the Finer Things in life.” The Louis Stewart Collection is a very high-end and luxurious brand. If you have a Rolex, Bentley, a mansion, G-5 jet, fine jewelry, property and you Travel the World – Chances are you’re very aware of The Louis Stewart Collection.

SM: Do you have any professional insight that you can offer upcoming designers or anyone eager to get into the fashion business?

LS:  I say stick to your guns and stay creative! Like they say in the music industry, “You can’t stop a hit.” Either you have it or you don’t, the proof is in the pudding. People aren’t stupid; they know ‘quality’ when they see it. That’s why I don’t do photo-shoots, I let my work speak for me. It does not matter what I look like, I’m not a model; I design Bags.

SM: If people are interested in purchasing a bag in your collection, how would they go about it?

LS: Right now we’re very exclusive, But they can go to www.louisstewartcollection.comand get a teaser of the work and leave us your info. Or they can youtube/mrlouisstewart and see some of our celebrity shout outs or contact Alex Thomas 213-761-6140.

*Special Thanks to Polly, Alex Thomas and Louis Stewart for making this interview possible.

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  4. After digging deep and scouring social media interfaces, we were able to link up with the mysterious designer. While its rare for Stewart to hold interviews or photo shoots, Socialtik worked diligently to bring you the below exclusive interview.

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  8. After digging deep and scouring social media interfaces, we were able to link up with the mysterious designer. While its rare for Stewart to hold interviews or photo shoots, Socialtik worked diligently to bring you the below exclusive interview.

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