July 19th, 2010

Making a Marcc

There’s an evident influx of individuals who call themselves “designers.” While this occurrence prevails, quality, dedication and distinction sets Marc Clark apart from the masses of fashion hopefuls.

A dream usually remains in the state of fiction, but for Marc, it was the beginning of his career as a designer.

“I saw Lady Gaga performing on stage and she was killing it,” he recollects. “In the dream, she has on this over sized bow tie and when I woke up, I immediately began making the prototype Marcc bow tie.” Cut and designed from the material of a canvas bag that was lying around, Marc allowed his inspiration take control as he simultaneously birthed the Marcc Collection in April 2009.

He may be young, but Marc is no rookie in the fashion industry. He’s lived, breathed and worked in fashion for over ten years. He’s coordinated the hottest fashion events, directed countless fashion shows, managed retail stores, and worked with numerous charity organizations including Teens Count and Russell Simmons Rush Philanthropic organization.

The Marcc collection is not your ordinary apparel and it’s definitely not for the weak-minded and fearful. Each product is unique and strategically created for the bold and beautiful of fashion.

Marcc Glasses


While holding the uniquely-bred style of glasses made from 100% pure brass, I knew that Marc took quality and craftsmanship seriously. “People think they can wake up, buy Elmer’s glue and glitter and call themselves a designer,” Marc said. “This is my 9 to 5.”

With a hard-focus on the daring and adventurous crowd, this line is designed for the strong, self-assured elites. Inspired by Sonic the Hedgehog’s sidekick, Tails, Marc created the Foxtail accessory. The Foxtails are 100 percent authentic and extremely rare. It’s approximately 16-18” long and can be clipped onto jeans, bags, purses, or even hair.

Marcc Foxtails

One of Marcc’s most popular items is the Bowtie brooch. This hand-made fashionable accessory is far more than your average bow tie (or brooch for that matter). They are purely hand-made and lined with three rows of shiny Rhine stones. The silver-plated pin on the back securely fastens it to any part of your outfit.

In 2009, Estelle debuted the Marcc bow tie for the celebrity world at M2 Ultra Lounge in NYC and the Marcc movement soon prevailed amongst many celebrity trendsetters who dared to be different.

The list of celebs that have been spotted wearing Marcc include Rihanna, Angela Simmons, Vanessa Simmons, Diggy Simmons, Maraiah Carey, Will-I-Am, Lady Gaga, Teyanna Taylor, Katie Perry, The Jerk Boys, Gucci Man, Taraji P. Henson and Chris Brown.

Bow Tie Group Pic


Like many young entrepreneurs, the starting capital and financial backing for the Marcc Collection came out of Marc’s pocket. “Managing personal and business finances can take a toll on you.” Despite the thought of monetary hindrances, Marc allowed his passion, talent and dedication to be the catalyst that brought his designs to life.

Marcc is a great example of having a vision, taking action, and working hard to build your brand. With those key components, success is the only outcome. He believes that persistence, innovation, and creating designs that people have never seen will take his career to the next level.

Angela Simmons, Marc C, and Vanessa Simmons

The Marcc Collection currently has bow ties, fox tails, glasses and T-shirt, but  it will soon evolve into a full lifestyle brand. With new t-shirt and accessory designs to be revealed in September 2010, the fashion forward can expect more options that will promote their innovative and daring fashion senses.


To purchase Marcc products, visit:

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About the Author

Ronn Richardson
Ronn Richardson is a young PR professional from NYC who is determined to learn as much as he can despite any barriers that try to hinder him. Eager to see a change in the types of online publications that college students, young professionals and new-school entrepreneurs visit, he conceived Socialtik Mag.



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  1. Hot piece! I can't wait to get a bowtie…Marcc is going to be a problem!

  2. Hot piece! I can't wait to get a bowtie…Marcc is going to be a problem!

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