November 5th, 2010

Marketing Tips for the Self-Employed

  • Working for yourself may sound enticing when you first think about it. Granted, a lot of people desire to sit in bed and do all of their work each day from their laptop. However, self-employment is a huge risk. One must truly believe that what they offer is unique. Otherwise, people may never see the fruits of your labor.

    Most recently, a lot of unemployed people are turning to self-employment to fill the gaps of missing income that a job usually provides. Many use the proceeds from their unemployment checks to ignite the self-employment fire that they would have normally left unlit. Web sites such as have become increasingly popular. Ety is an online site where those who craft handmade goods can sell them and consumers can purchase them. The only thing missing from the site, which is vital to success, is the marketing aspect.

    The old ways of business are no longer relevant. Marketing is an essential piece that will allow businesses to grow. Colleen Fields, owner of Gemstone and Wire, is teaching herself how to successfully market her products. Gemstones and Wire is an Esty shop features necklaces, earrings, and handmade polymer clay vases. Fields has only sold about 20 items so far this year, but she hopes to expand her business as she learns how to promote herself online.

    Like Fields, you can teach yourself how to market your products. The Internet is a powerful source that holds a lot of information regarding this growing trend. A few places to begin are:

    The Public Library Many local libraries have events and seminars that are catered to those interested in building businesses. Also, there are a variety of online books and resources that feature information on marketing. Be sure to engage in some of the more recent ones such as The Guerrilla Marketing Handbook and The Digital Handshake. To begin, figure out five strengths and weaknesses that are unique to your business. This will help you to create an effective marketing strategy.

    Put together a list of tools that you already possess If you are strong at communicating with different types of audiences, be sure to engage that strength throughout your marketing strategy. Also, be sure to make a list of ‘areas for improvement’ so that you can focus some of your efforts on capitalizing in these areas.

    Stay aware of the competition. This may sound simple, but it can save you a lot of time and effort. Be sure that you know what they are doing. Social media has made this a much easier task. Always be “in the know” when it comes to your competitors past, present and future plans.

    Be your brand. Attend events where you can be a walking billboard for your product and/or service. There are a lot of festivals where you can even sell your products. Visit your local Chamber of Commerce for further information.

    Devote a special amount of time to marketing. Always make sure that you are looking for ways to re-brand your business. Additionally, be sure to gain opinions from trustworthy sources that believe in you and your brand. Building a trustworthy and creative team can also be of benefit. You can come up with good ideas on your own, but imagine the power you can have if you add a few more brains to the equation.

  • About the Author

    Joshlyn Ross
    A native of Oakland, California, Joshlyn Ross works diligently to share variations of industry news. She also shares words of wisdom and tips for other young professionals looking to capitalize in their respective fields.



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