November 10th, 2010

NBA Tip-off: Quick Notes


Only one week in the books and it has already been an exciting start to the NBA season, here are a few quick notes on the leagues top stories so far…

Lakers are 6-0, and look hungry for more

No hangover here, The defending champion Lakers are quietly off to a hot start winning their first six games by an average of 12 points. Key additions, PG Steve Blake and SF Matt Barnes have given this team a substantial boost off the bench. For Kobe Bryant and company the focus is well intact and with a much improved bench the Lakers look ready to make another run at the title.

Best case scenario: Lakers prove to be a better team this year and win their third straight NBA title.

Worst case scenario: Injuries. With Andrew Bynum already out, injuries look like the only thing that can stop this team right now.

Heat and the big three searching for their identity

After a shaky start against the Celtics, the Heat won four straight and seem to be getting their chemistry together. It will be a work in progress for this team as they try to find their identity on offense. Defensively, the Heat rank #1 allowing less than 100 points a game. Their athleticism has clearly been shown in their fast break offense looking unstoppable at times. However, the half court offense has been an issue, with no rhythm to their game and at times filled with confusion over whether the offense should be ran through Lebron or D-Wade.

Best case scenario: Hey, Chris Bosh and Lebron James didn’t team up with D-Wade for nothing. Anything less than an NBA championship would be a disappointment for these three.

Worst case scenario: Egos. Is this still Dwayne Wade’s team? or is it now Lebrons? Whichever the case may be, if they don’t learn to play with one another frustrations can set in, causing either or to leave town.

It certainly looks like its going to be an exciting season of basketball, stay tune for more quick notes and the hottest topics in the NBA.

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Steve Penaloza
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