October 21st, 2011

New Artists Shine at SOB’s Showcase

As CMJ Music week wraps this weekend, we’ve got highlights for you from SOB’s neo-soul/R&B singer-songwriter showcase . The CMJ festival, which promotes new and undiscovered artists, featured performances and film screenings at venues throughout New York City. Earlier this week, SOB’s in conjunction with Eric Roberson and Singersroom, held a showcase featuring rising and newly signed artists including Bridget Kelly, LaurianaMae and Verse Simmonds. Check out the highlights from the event:

Host, Eric Roberson, keeps the crowd entertained between sets.

Jay-Z and Pharrell were in attendance to watch RocNation signee, Bridget Kelly perform songs off her Every Girl mixtape including Seek & Destroy and Thinkin’ About Forever.

New comer and Atlantic Records artist, LaurianaMae got the crowd rocking with her jazz-pop infused songs including Beat It and My Guy.

Angela Yee introduced Verse Simmonds who serenaded the audience with music from his mixtape: The Sex Chronicles II.

About the Author

Genel Ambrose
Genel is SocialtikMag's Lifestyle Editor. She recently completed a MFA in Creative Writing and holds dual degrees in Journalism and Sociology from New York University.



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