October 11th, 2010

NFL: Patriots Get Mossed!

The New England Patriots decided to part ways with wide receiver Randy Moss on Wednesday. The 13-year veteran will be returning to the Minnesota Vikings where he played his first 7 seasons of his NFL career

The trade came as little surprise after Moss made it clear that he was disgruntled with his contract situation earlier this season. The Patriots did not budge in offering their star wideout a new contract and instead decided to trade him away for a third-round draft pick. Yes, you read right, a THIRD-ROUND DRAFT PICK! I figured that a future hall of famer like Randy Moss and not to mention your most dangerous weapon on offense would be worth a lot more than just a third-round draft pick, but that’s just me.

The Patriots stated that Moss was simply not part of their future plans and dumping him was what was best for the team. I ask myself though, what exactly are their future plans? This act gives me another sign (after that dilemma last year against the Colts when the Pats decided to go for it on 4th and 1 from inside their own territory) that the Patriots are losing their touch on their managerial front.

Moss is not done, at 33 he is still playing at a high level ( Check his track record here) and there are no signs of a major decline in his game yet. For the Patriots, trading away what was their most explosive weapon on offense for practically nothing in return can bring some devastating consequences for this team.

In the other hand, the addition of Moss to the Minnesota Vikings is simply just a boost to an already stellar offensive cast and may justify Brett Favre’s decision of coming back after his rocky start so far this season. So as the Vikings welcome in Randy Moss and a possible Super Bowl bid with open arms, the Patriots are saying farewell not only to Moss but possibly to their playoff hopes as well.

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  1. Surely, he can make the team stronger now. His a good addition to the team.

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