June 25th, 2010

Ode to Michael Jackson

I always wondered how people could get so emotional about someone they never met but on June 25, 2009 I knew the feeling.

July 21, 1990; Age 3

My first memory of the absolutely amazing Michael Jackson was watching The Making of Thriller with my god sisters.

It’s amazing that I remember this, but I recall watching it on Beta, the device used to watched movies before VHS and DVD, and  thinking that I  had never witnessed anything like it before.

The dancing, music and acting caused me to  immediately fall in love with Michael Jackson and I quickly  deemed myself his biggest fan. At that time, I had no idea that there were millions of others who held the same title.


For years, I would force my god sisters to learn all the fancy footwork to the Thriller video, but they never expressed the same determination I had to learn the routine. However, after many sessions in the mirror, I mastered the moves to Thriller and other Michael Jackson hits. To this day, no matter where I am, I am liable to break out in a knee kick or the infamous Moonwalk just to proclaim my love for MJ.

June 25, 2009; Age 21

Headed to National Tire and Battery to get a headlight replaced, I receive a call from my youngest god sister. “Did you hear the news? Michael Jackson is in cardiac arrest.” I thought, “What a cruel joke to play,” as I ended the call.

Unfortunately,  I turned on the radio and sure enough they were playing Michael Jackson songs non-stop and giving updates about his status. Still somewhat in disbelief, I thought, “I wish people would leave Michael alone.”

When I walked into the lobby of NTB, I witnessed  a woman sobbing uncontrollably and shouting, “MICHAEL’S DEAD! MICHAEL’S DEAD!” I tried my best to console her by letting her know it had not been confirmed, but she turned on me and directed her tangent toward me. “There’s still hope,” I mumbled as I walked away. But it was too late, it was true, the legend we knew as Michael Jackson was gone and never to return.

michael jackson

Michael Jackson was not only a son, brother, father, musician, humanitarian and an icon  but he was a friend – my friend. Most people did not know him personally and may have only seen him on TV, but to me, Michael Jackson was my friend from afar. I loved him like a member of my family and when he passed I felt that same pain as if a blood relative had left me.

Despite all of his trials and tribulations, Michael was the very best there ever was. That’s why today I wanted to pay homage to him for his kind spirit, giving heart and brilliant music. He was truly one of a kind and an angel.

R.I.P. Michael Jackson

About the Author

Lynn McFail
Lynn was born and bred in Arlington, Virginia which is five minutes outside of the Nation’s Capital. Much like the artists she writes about, 22 year old Lynn McFail is also On the Rise.



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  1. Great Article!! Long Live our King of Pop. FOHTA

  2. Love the article!! One day we will find that beta tape god sis!! RIP to an ingenious icon, Michael Jackson ::Forever missed::

  3. Awww that was sweet. Michael was the man!

  4. Awww that was sweet. Michael was the man!

  5. My first memory of the absolutely amazing Michael Jackson was watching The Making of Thriller with my god sisters.

  6. I then started in with my questions to find out how he knew of B.o.B he told me that back in the day… Lena

  7. Allowing us to have some great deal of patience towards such things will most likely give us some reason to smile.

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