March 19th, 2010

Jupiter Express


Formerly known as The Renegadez, Jupiter Express is going out of this world and taking you on the voyage with them.

The group was originally founded by Dizzy The Punk Rapper and his best friend/partner Stealf Soulja. Growing up together in the heart of Washington, D.C. the two were inseparable. They soon began rapping together. Although faced with many obstacles and temptations to take the wrong path, they prevailed and linked up with “Swayz” to become Jupiter Express.

Photo Courtesy of MAD Works Photography

The name “Jupiter Express” simply means, “Next stop… somewhere new, unheard of, unexplored and misunderstood.” They’re called Express because they have unique ways of expression and because they don’t plan on making  stops anytime soon.

Influenced by Outkast and sometimes compared to a Tribe Called Quest, Jupiter Express has a terrific twist molded by their mentor Judah who is a Hip-Hop veteran and  has produced artists such as Cam’ron and Kanye.

While the group is phenomenal as a whole, each member brings a distinctive trait to the group.  The music will take you to different places because each member offeres a varied dynamic to the tracks.  “I bring the party to the track,” says Swayz. “Before he got to the group our club bangers had just lyrical vibe,” mentioned Dizzy. But in a flash the music can be swayed to a hardcore lyrical anthem provided by Stealf Soulja that brings the hardcore edge to the songs.

Courtesy of MAD Works Photography

The music itself encompasses different personalities of each group member. Each track is an expression of a personal attribute that had affected their lives. Whether it’s about hooking up with a girl in the club or just trying to survive

everyday life. “My life experiences are like a Grand Canyon and people are able to relate to me and music like an outlet to of expressions that is able to reach thousands of people,” says Dizzy.

So hop on and take a ride because in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1… you will BLAST OFF onto a voyage out of this world with Jupiter Express.

*Photos Courtesy of MAD Works Photography

About the Author

Lynn McFail
Lynn was born and bred in Arlington, Virginia which is five minutes outside of the Nation’s Capital. Much like the artists she writes about, 22 year old Lynn McFail is also On the Rise.



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