October 4th, 2010

Picture Perfect: Chad Finley

Chad Finley is an edgy and talented photographer who gained an abundance of knowledge while studying at FAMU and interning at internationally known magazines like InSpire and VIBE.

A native of West Palm Beach, FL, Finley pursued a higher education at Florida A&M University where he majored in Graphic Design and minored in Photography.

Upon graduating Cum Laude in 2008, Chad relocated to Atlanta, GA. Since then, Chad has made major strides in his career of visual arts by obtaining jobs with the United States government, various entertainment companies, having his images and graphics published in numerous magazines and becoming a celebrating – fashion photographer.

How would you describe your style of photography to someone who has never seen your work?

Vibrant – because color is a key element to my still of photography; I use very vibrant colors in majority of my work.

Emotional – because I demand emotion from my models on set; to tell a story through their face and body movements.

Revolutionary – because I try to shoot in a way that other people aren’t doing today, but using unique forms of lighting and poses.

What initially sparked your interest in photography and what keeps it going?

Magazines initially sparked my interest to photography as a child

How do you ensure that your work and brand stand out amongst the masses of photographers that continue to emerge everyday?

I make sure I stay true to what makes me different as a photographer; which is my use of color, creativity and vision behind each shoot. By continuously using my own unique ideas and always thinking outside of the box, it ensures me that what I’m doing is different and sets me apart from other photographers.

From who or where do you draw inspiration from and how is it reflected in your work?

I draw inspiration from international fashion magazines (such as V Magazine, Italian Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, etc.) and international fashion photographers. I also pull a lot of inspiration from music.

What is one long term goal you have relative to your photography and how do you plan to attain it?

I have a goal to shoot for a high fashion magazine, like Vouge or Harper’s Bazaar. I plan on obtaining this goal by continuing to building upon my fashion photography portfolio and get my name out there enough to where I can get my foot in the door to one of the top fashion magazines.

What is one major business-related challenge you face being a photographer and how have you or will you combat this issue?

One business-related challenge I had to face recently was be able to keep contact with clients. Also, being able to respond to my e-mail, phones calls and voicemails promptly. My business picked up rather fast; so I had to get a couple interns to help me with my e-mails and phone calls so I can stay focused on my craft.

Name one person that you would love to have an opportunity to shoot and why. Describe this dream shoot.

It would definitely be the signer Rihanna. I believe her personal style, music and look goes perfectly with my style of photography. I would love to do an edgy but fashionable shoot with her on a New York City roof top, with the NYC skyline as the drop. Maybe even some shots with her elevated off of a building, I think that would be really Hot!

If you could do a dual purpose shoot that showcased your talent and brought awareness to a prevalent social issue, what would your shoot be called and what issue would you highlight? Why?

“A Happy Home” Focusing on the issue of Divorce

Divorce an issue a lot of people don’t really talk about but it’s putting such a damper in the American society. It has now become the norm to be raised in a single family home or to have parents who are divorce. I think it’s time to bring awareness to this issue and also remind people what marriage is all about, “through thickness and thick; til death due us part.”

A picture is worth a 1,000 words. Describe the below picture in one.


Follow Chad on Twitter – @CnFinley

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  2. I love the diversity of these photos. Well done!

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  7. I have a goal to shoot for a high fashion magazine, like Vouge or Harper’s Bazaar. I plan on obtaining this goal by continuing to building upon my fashion photography portfolio and get my name out there enough to where I can get my foot in the door to one of the top fashion magazines.

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