October 22nd, 2010

Picture Perfect: Que Duong

Que Duong is a young photographer from  Vietnam and was raised in New Orleans, Louisiana. When his mother was pregnant with him, a fortune teller / village witch doctor told her that he would grow up to be an average person. Que is on a mission to prove her wrong.

How would you describe your style of photography to someone who has never seen your work?

I’m not sure I could really describe my style, but I like a lot of things and I find myself frequently experimenting. I don’t believe in having just one style, because that can limit me from growing and developing my craft. However, I’ve heard  that my usage of electric colors and color combination is a recurring trend in my photos.

What initially sparked your interest in photography and what keeps it going?

As most photographers would tell you, they have an art background and photography is just another medium for them. I am no different. I love art and I love fashion. Fashion keeps me inspired because it is forever changing and you have to keep up with it. Using photography to capture the growth in fashion keeps me going.

How do you ensure that your work and brand stand out amongst the masses of photographers that continue to emerge everyday?

I don’t really think about branding myself or trying to stand out. I just keep doing what I like and just sharing it with friends. I am just blessed that my friends have the philosophy of “Sharing is caring.”

From who or where do you draw inspiration from and how is it reflected in your work?

I mainly draw my inspiration from everyday things such as current events that are happening around us and politics. But I’m mainly inspired by weird and eerie things. Photographers that inspired me would be Steven Klein of course. Other than him, I mainly look to different cinematographers for inspiration.

What is one long term goal you have relative to your photography and how do you plan to attain it?

A few of my long term goals are  to make a Nike commercial, be a creative director of a fashion magazine, or win an Oscar for best cinematography. But first, before I attain all of those goals, I would like to establish myself as a fashion photographer in the fashion world and then slowly branch out once I have more resources.

What is one major business-related challenge you face being a photographer and how have you or will you combat this issue?

I think one of the major business-related challenges that any new photographer faces  is consistency. By that I mean, being able to  in bring jobs that fit your style, your image and that can also pay the bills. But my REAL major issue is dealing with clients that don’t understand your vision. I think a lot of artists kill themselves because they have to compromise. I, on the other hand, just want to kill the clients. But I just combat these issues by looking at the bigger picture. Sell a little piece of your soul now, and once you have more funding, you can buy it back.

Name one person that you would love to have an opportunity to shoot and why. Describe this dream shoot.

I would love to shoot Lara Stone, because she has unconventional beauty, but she is still a supermodel! I would like to use her to do a Voodoo concept with the swamp, skull and candles. I’m from New Orleans and I would love for her to be part of my vision in representing my culture.

If you could do a dual purpose shoot that showcased your talent and brought awareness to a prevalent social issue, what would your shoot be called and what issue would you highlight? Why?

It would be relative to education. I would actually call it “The Scholar.” I think a lot of people are not focused on education and brush off school. Studies show that America is behind a lot of countries such as Japan, China, India, Denmark, and Sweden when it comes to education. We need to prioritize education and stop cutting higher education to save money.

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