October 18th, 2010

Picture Perfect: Wayman Newman

Growing up in the streets of Philadelphia & Miami with his mother and siblings, the imperfections in the sidewalks and the mean cold faces invaded Wayman’s surroundings.

What he saw on the city walls were colors indicating life’s many messages.   Now with both Philly and Miami’s struggles, he is able to see snapshots of moments, situations, emotions, age, knowledge, socioeconomics and timelessness on more of a diverse scale.

Wayman believes captured time is priceless and he is currently living in Philly further enhancing and enjoying his craft.

How would you describe your style of photography to someone who has never seen your work?

I don’t think I have a style. My photographs are based on the inspiration i get from my subjects, be it a model, a child, a park, or a glass on a table. My vision comes from what i see at that moment and ties in with my style as an individual. I take what i see and draw my picture from there. It is very spontaneous but well thought out.

What initially sparked your interest in photography and what keeps it going?

I’ve always had  a great appreciation for photography. Growing up in Philly, there are these colorful murals that always fascinated me. The colors, the different locations and buildings all  played a part in my love for the arts. Before I started shooting, I used to draw, did some painting and wrote poetry. Working in the arts allowed me to evolve into photography.

It wasn’t until Fall 09 I did a semester at CCP, there I took Photo 101 which changed my life forever. Being in the dark room for the first time, I soaked up as much information as possible and learning the techniques awakened something in me. It was then, I knew photography was my passion. Shortly after, I got my  camera and haven’t stopped shooting since.

How do you ensure that your work and brand stand out amongst the masses of photographers that continue to emerge everyday?

Well that’s one of the things I love about photography, it allows many different types of people to express themselves using the same art form. Therefore, challenging me to stay original and true to who I am as an individual,  so I approach all my subjects with this in mind.

From who or where do you draw inspiration from and how is it reflected in your work?

The creator is a huge source of inspiration. It’s kind of hard not to appreciate the green in the trees on a nice day or an ice cycle dripping in the winter. But its everyday life that inspires me the most! The simplicity of a lady who smiles from seeing my dog’s tail sway from side to side, its that thought process that gets my mind going. It’s those moments I try capture when I’m shooting.

What is one long term goal you have relative to your photography and how do you plan to attain it?

I would like to have some kind of partnership with an after school program to teach kids photography. Allow them time in the dark to process their work, go on neighborhood shooting trips and have an art gallery to showcase their work. As an adult, it’s an awesome feeling  to watch my work come to life from start to finish and I wish I had more oppotrunities like this as a child.

What is one major business-related challenge you face being a photographer and how have you or will you combat this issue?

One challenge I have as an artist is finding the balance between artistry and the business side of art. As much as Nuwayphotography is my passion, it’s also a means of financial supplement. Taking the time to learn the market, assessing your skill set to base your fess are just a couple of things I had to do to ensure I represented my business Nuwayphotography well.

Name one person that you would love to have an opportunity to shoot and why. Describe this dream shoot.

There’s so many people to choose from, but I’ll have to go with President Barack Obama for two reasons:

1. What Obama was able to do, is exactly what I want to do with Nuwayphotography, which is to get people to see themselves in a Nuway. I want to create that change of emotion by simply looking at a photograph.

2. He made history and to have him in my portfolio would mean Nuwayphotography made history as well.

The shoot would be  “The Everyday Man” showing Obabma as the everyday man. Eating breakfast with his family, reading the news paper, playing with the dog and watching television.

If you could do a dual purpose shoot that showcased your talent and brought awareness to a prevalent social issue, what would your shoot be called and what issue would you highlight? Why?

I would like Nuwayphotography  to support the fight against HIV/AIDS. It’s important to me to give back, so I created this series called “Color Me Bad”, its simply photos of people artistically  conveying expression through paint for the cause. I think there’s a negative connotation as it relates to the epidemic and in my opinion, that is due to a lack of awareness and knowledge.

These two factors are what we lack and I think marrying them with photography could be an awesome way to bring awareness to the masses.

You can Wayman’s photography online here.

Find him on Facebook here.

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  1. Great pics! All of the photographers have been great!

  2. I have seen Waymans work many times in the past, but seeing it in this article is just as exciting as the first, Wayman has an eye that captures things we all miss, and when we see his work you say “ahh I get it” he really does show a “nuway” of seeing life.. AMAZING

  3. This is a great highlight of who you are becoming. So enjoy it, embrace it, most of all love it! I’m very proud of you, Big Lil Bra! “To Thine Own Self Be True” Peace and Blessings!

  4. I am inspired!! Your work speaks for itself. When we do what we enjoy, we enjoy doing it best!!!!

  5. Wayman you have a great eye and your photos are beautiful. Keep up the great work and I wish you much success.

  6. This is awesome. I enjoyed the article and would love to work with this artist. I’m going to contact him now via his website. Thanks for the article Socialtik Mag.

  7. Excellent work, your creativity is pronounced in photographs featured. I am sure this is only the beginning for ‘Nuway’ – congratulations Wayman!

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  11. I would like to have some kind of partnership with an after school program to teach kids photography. Allow them time in the dark to process their work, go on neighborhood shooting trips and have an art gallery to showcase their work. As an adult, it’s an awesome feeling to watch my work come to life from start to finish and I wish I had more oppotrunities like this as a child.

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