February 9th, 2011

Rough CUT: Let there be light

I find myself sitting here with a horrible case of writer’s block
Trying to think of something profound and poetic to say
But I am at a loss for words
So I ask myself “What is the essence of motivation?”
And I draw a blank…
Then some small voice inside says,
“TRUE inspiration comes from within us
It is in our sinew
It’s a around you
From the very words you speak
To the ground we walk on, the music we listen too
Even the air that we breathe
If you are looking for inspiration and grappling
Merely look inside YOURSELF
And if that fails you or doesn’t work
Just look at ALL that God has created
By simply saying “LET THERE BE…”
We ALL POSSESS the POWER to do the SAME”

About the Author

Danni Myers
Danni Myers is a native of Hartford, Connecticut. She has worked in both the political and non- profit arenas. Currently,she is the Promotions Director for a Nationally Syndicated Morning Show. Her writing is based on constant reflection of life, purpose, dreams, self worth and the constant pursuit of success and inner PEACE.



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