August 3rd, 2011

Rules Your Man Should Be Able To Break In The Bedroom

Sex is a major force in relationships, but intimacy is even more important. Though sex plays out into the mind of men and women differently, intimacy often translates similarly. Where there is love, sex is more than an act; both parties need to feel connected. Much of that connection comes from freedom and vulnerability—letting go and truly enjoying the physical and emotional pleasure of lovemaking.

Your man isn’t like the other men you’ve casually dated and shouldn’t be given the same half-hearted, selfish sex. For those we love we make exceptions; and, with him, it’s alright to be naughty. Let your hair down, because when it comes to a bout with your man, superficiality and certain rules are not applicable:

Rule #1: “Don’t touch my hair!”
Let him stroke, pull, tug and do whatever else to your hair. As long as he doesn’t cause any irreparable harm to your weave, or leave you in an awful amount of pain, he’s good.

Rule #2: No hitting or biting.
Normally, smacking you up would be reason to file a police report, but during sex it’s like an energy booster.

Rule #3: No spitting.
Sex is pretty much the only time it’s acceptable for your man to spit on you, and I don’t mean in the face.

Rule #4: Speak to you with respect.
Some of the best “dirty talk” is gutter-mouth, nasty…and profane.

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