August 23rd, 2010

Serena Williams Says Why She Hates Being Injured

No. 1-ranked Serena Williams announced last week “It is with much frustration and deep sadness that I am having to pull out of the U.S. Open. Due to the surgery I had on my foot earlier this month, my doctors have advised against my playing so that my foot can heal.”

Serena reveals in SOBeFiT Magazine’s September issue  another big reason she hates getting injured.

“When I get injured it’s devastating because I know I won’t be able to wear heels. I’m practically in tears,” she says in the magazine’s September issue, never mentioning the fact that she would have to miss a match or tournament.

She also hates working out, saying, “I’m the complete not-normal athlete, and I often wonder how I got into sports because I hate working out. I hate running. I hate all that stuff. I love doing my nails, reading, going to the movies and wearing high heels—the higher the better actually.”

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