December 1st, 2009

Social Chic: Youtheary Khmer

London, Paris, Milan, and New York are some of the fashion capitals of the world. So much talent has emerged on the scenes from these respective cities and the fashionista inside all of us has grown to love them.

YKpageYves Saint Laurent, Marc Jacobs, Gucci, Prada… and the list goes on, but there is one name that we will all be dying for soon enough (I’m dying as we speak!). Theary Sim! She is the Clark Atlanta alum that has been working hard to make her mark in the business as the double threat model and designer. With idols like Alexander McQueen and Jean-Paul Gaultier, Theary has turned her passion for fashion into a lifestyle. Her clothes are designed for the fashion conscious and those people who look to walk out the door and make a statement.

Theary got her start as a model, but realized she wanted her voice to be heard on the design and creative side of the fashion scene. As a model she couldn’t say much about the designs she wore or the concepts behind various shoots. This prompted Theary to use her networking skills to fulfill her passion for the fashion industry. We all know that sometimes it’s not what you know, but who you know.

Steadily building her career, Theary has been featured in campaign ads for Ashley Stewart Women and Target Stores. She was also a nominee for International Fashion week 2008 in New York City as well as a common face in the Atlanta University Center fashion shows during her undergraduate career. She knows what it means to be taken seriously as a model, but she also knows how to fill the ‘designer shoes’ (I’m not talking about Jimmy Choo’s either).

ykpage2When Theary is in designer mode the show belongs to her! There is nothing that she does not have input on. She controls the models, the fit, the music, and, most importantly, the themes. Her unique creative vision is portrayed in her edgy and high fashion photo shoots for her new Youtheary Khmer line.

While Theary is from Oregon, living and working in New York helped her understand color schemes and how garments are worn; being in the city called for more versatility to be displayed in her work. Overall, it taught Theary to stick to what she liked; quality and unique characteristics.

Her strong fashion sense and inspiration have transpired into the Youtheary Khmer collection. The line is inspired by the “industrial woman” and making a change. When Theary lived in New York she had to be strong and independent, as most New Yorkers are. Her collection shows the essence of a woman beyond the color pink and all the frills. It emulates beauty with bold and beautiful pieces that are Egyptian and architectural inspired. Theary’s talent is undeniable and I believe many people will live for the haute couture superhero she has created. The pieces are reminiscent of the past but still have a futuristic feel. Theary said, “I am beyond satisfied with the fulfillment of my vision in the collection and I hope the fashion forward population will undoubtedly agree.”


Theary will soon be one of the names that we can never forget and every woman will want to be transformed into her high fashion superhero. (I know I’m already thinking of a name for mine!)

When asked what she considered to be a social chic person she replied, “Someone who is not cautious and still fashion forward. They take risks. They know what’s hot and what’s not. They are very involved in their field and not afraid to step out and show off. The social chic are always apart of something and they are always in the know about what’s going on.”

Ambitious, down to earth, hard working, and just downright talented are just a few of the words I would use to describe Theary Sim. She is a Gen-Y mover and shaker and she is “Social Chic” in every sense of the phrase.

About the Author

Demaris Bailey
Demaris Bailey is an Editor for Socialtik Mag and public relations scholar from the Bronx, NY. Attending high school in suburban Massachusetts and a Historically Black University has helped her understand cultural boundaries and differences.



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  9. Theary got her start as a model, but realized she wanted her voice to be heard on the design and creative side of the fashion scene. As a model she couldn’t say much about

  10. rt as a model, but realized she wanted her voice to be heard on the design and creative side of the

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