March 18th, 2010

Spring Forward Into A New Space

Ahhh, the joy of a new season!

Tina DohertySpring is the season of colors, sunshine and new beginnings. For me, spring means spring cleaning, in which I empty my life of the weathered winter and create a new space. To start this spring off with a kick, I decided to restructure, reorganize, and re-energize my personal space in hopes of creating an atmosphere that will allow me to be more productive and enlightened! To help me with this process, I interview the funky-yet-classic Interior Designer, Tina Doherty, to find out how to spring forward into creating a fresh new look for my space without hurting my wallet.

Socialtik Mag: How do you describe your personal style?

Tina: Classic with a twist. I am really inspired lately by female graphic artists and colors with a demure pop. I’m also inspired by style contrast, color and mid-century furniture. They really get my creative juices flowing! Some of my favorite places to shop are thrift stores and vintage stores. It’s really fun to have a dining room table with four different chairs from thrift stores!

Tina's Space

SM: Do you think it’s important to do spring cleaning?

Tina: Yes, spring cleaning is a great time to make a change, because you can dress your space up with accessories or small items. When re-decorating, it’s important to focus on the accents and the little things to make your space look different and get more bang for your buck. You can create a new look by simply adding new pillows to a sofa or changing the paint on the walls.

SM: What are the new trends in interior decorating for 2010?

Tina: Metallic accessories are very big these days. For example, foot stools covered in silver or gold vinyl are super hot and chic. Also, animal prints with a funky color (like teal or purple), the mixing of the textiles give it a fun, modern approach. There are great finds on these days.  And of course, shabby chic (which is taking something vintage and making it more modern and hip) is always in style!



SM: How can someone on a budget stay fashionable, yet comfortable?

Tina: Every 6 months change a few things. You can splurge on one or two items, but keep everything really simple, light and classic. The living room is a great room to start with. Try rearranging the furniture on a diagonal or facing the view, it helps change the flow of space and creates a new fresh conversational space. Try to make an open and funky vibe. The next trick is, buy some paint and throw pillows. Paint can do wonders! Here are few pointers when picking our paint:

  • If you want one bright pop of color, go to paint stores and grab specific paint samples labeled as “accent”. Never take an accent color (accent colors are really strong colors, like really bright or dark colors) and use it on all of your walls, paint on just one wall for emphasis.
  • Go to your nearest Home Depot for expert advice. Grab paint swatches and bring them home. Make sure to look at swatches during the daytime as well as at night.
  • Be careful when it comes to matching. For example, if you are going to have turquoise, use a green apple color or a dusky red to compliment it. Try not to have three different shades of the same color or otherwise it will clash.

interior decorating

SM: What pieces are a must have for a Spring look?

Tina: Dress up your space with some flowers. Fresh flowers make your house smell great and feel fresh. You can go to the grocery store and get a bouquet for $10. It’s spring so there are so many options for bright beautiful flowers. However, you don’t just have to use flowers, you can use native plants like cactus and other fun plants as well.

SM: What’s most important, comfort or style?

Tina: Conformability is most important. Here’s a rule of thumb: if you absolutely love something, then buy it. If you like it, then pass; do not settle for less. If it’s something you love, it will come to you.

As a freelance designer, Tina loves the challenge of being creative and taking her clients’ vision and turning it into a masterpiece! Her ultimate goal is to help people achieve a space that inspires them and allows them to be effective. Tina believes that helping people in the space that they spend most of their time will allow them to feel their best.  “My favorite thing is helping others feel that weight off their shoulders,” says Tina.

To get more tips from Tina please visit: or email her

About the Author

Empress Varnado
Empress Varnado is a budding Public Relations and Marketing professional who fosters a fighting spirit and a drive to succeed. She lives by the motto; “I’ll Find A Way or Make One,” in which she uses her creativity, ambition and skills to accomplish her goals.



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