August 6th, 2010

Still Dope Art Show/Benefit in Atlanta

Come be apart of an event which is celebrating the idea of surviving life and STILL being Dope.

When life happens, it is all about how you react to it. There are those who let life get in the way, and those who take it in stride and grow from it.

StillDope is celebrating Val Skeete’s triumph over her near death car accident and her inspirational strength from surviving a 40 day coma, to rehab and re-learning the basics… like walking.

Before the accident Val was a fitness model, and placed 2nd in a novice fitness model competition. She has a very strong will, so her friends and family are all confident that she will make a full recovery, but without health insurance, the financial strain is an added burden.

StillDope is an opportunity to help Val’s recovery while celebrating life in the only way they know how…..

Dope art, Great Music, Drinks, Deep Conversation, Making Connections, Buying Art, Dancing, Rowdiness, Hot Chicks, Supporting Local Artists, and ending the night with an experiential audio/visual mash-up syncing underground tracks and mind blowing visuals for a night of dancing you wont forget.

$10 to get it $3 Drinks and you can  BUY SOME ART!

If you’re not in town, and want to support a great cause, Donations are greatly appreciated.

Also, if you haven’t met Val, or want to know more of her story, please click here.

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  1. I do agree with your saying that it is all about how to react when life happens.

  2. like myself who are going back to work with I hope a more stable employer, the Federal government.

  3. When life happens, it is all about how you react to it. There are those who let life get in the way, and those who take it in stride and grow from it.

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  6. Events that pushes through such causes would always be something that I am looking forward to everytime.

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