July 6th, 2010

Stillness in Chaos

Horns are blowing, sirens are sounding, time is ticking and your head is pounding! You feel as if you are going to lose it any moment now. Before you do, slowly count to 10, close your eyes and breathe.

Seek stillness in the midst of all the world’s chaos around you. Even the busiest person in the world has 30 seconds to just breathe.

OprahCovJ_vlr0709.inddWhile reading Oprah’s book Dream Big: O’s Guide to Discovering Your Best Life, several of the feature stories intrigued my thoughts, however one in particular really grasped my attention.

Author Eckhart Tolle of Stillness Speaks, provided a few keys points that will help to balance yourself and the busy aspects of your life.

Being successful and financially stable also goes along with spirituality and relationships. Although, you can have one without the other, having the perfect package of each is far more beneficial. Tolle states that “Stillness” is the awareness of your presence.

Therefore, being aware of your present life has nothing to do with your past or your future.  So, let’s start off by releasing all of the things from your past that hinder you and ease the burden of what may or may not occur in your future. Live for now, and wake up to today.

Regardless of your choice of Spirituality, they all go hand in hand. At the end of the day, whatever you may believe in, you are still required to step out of your “self” and allow a time of peace. You might feel as though you have so much on your plate and so many things to do that you feel like it is unnecessary  or impossible to implement those 30 seconds in your daily routine.

Consequently, having Spirituality in some shape or form will be extremely beneficial throughout your prosperous journey of entrepreneurship. It can definitely create a balance and or fill that void that you have been feeling.

Having a place where you can hear your own thoughts, feel your every breath, and see the person in the mirror is the key to creating “Stillness in a state of Chaos.” Allow Spirituality to aid you in your wake up call to living for now.

Provide time for your self without a mass amount of thoughts. Seek to wake up out of the dream of thinking and become present!

About the Author

DeAndra Harrison
DeAndra` A. Harrison, Editor for Socialtik Mag is a Columbus, OH native, trying to survive in the "concrete jungle of NYC", who is passionate about her entrepreneurial ambitions. She is striving to succeed and she will let everyone know. She believes that helping herself is not enough, so she actively imparts the knowledge she acquires to those around her.



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  1. Needed this like yesterday! So easy to caught up in the noise that is the world around us instead of finding our own quiet in the midst of it all. Great article:)

  2. The oxymoron with this is unlikely the reason why we sometimes find it hard to find peace.

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