November 4th, 2010

Stop and Smell the Roses

Lately, I have found myself in a state of melancholy. Throughout the day, I ask myself, “How can I get this extra weight up off me?”  Unfortunately, most of the time, I fail to come up with an adequate answer.

My love life is in shambles… better yet nonexistent and I have a great job, but I know there is MORE.  MORE to life, MORE to living and MORE than just existing…

When I was younger, my mother used to make me sit down and watch all these movies that she felt were “important” to both American culture and the African American experience.  Imagine being about seven or eight years old and being exposed to everything from “The Sound of Music” to “The Mack.” I wanted to shoot myself.

Now it makes sense why I am so messed up and artistically inspired all at the same time.  I look back on those experiences and I can’t help but be grateful.

But the one magical line that stands out to me is from “Mahogany,” when Billy D. Williams grabs Diana Ross and says:

Success means nothing unless you have someone you love to share it with”…

Cue the dramatic music…

Though I am still young, as I grow and mature, this sentiment means a great deal more to me than it did at the tender age of eight.

Life can be so messy sometimes, but I am learning everyday that WE make life complicated.

And most times, we allow relentless ambition to overpower one of our most basic human needs, which is to be loved or the feeling of belonging.

Life is filled with the clutter that we allow in to take up space and nine times out of ten, it’s excessive drama that we give power.

We just carry around so much emotional baggage from one situation to the next, which prevents us from truly experiencing the “here and now” moments that are so precious.

Therefore, we miss out on time; which we can NEVER get back.

I just want to say that I do not claim to have all the answers.  I am trying to find my way through this thing just like everyone else, but there comes a time when we all need to STOP grappling in the dark.

When is enough…ENOUGH?

It’s time to DECLUTTER…

Untangle all of the toxic things that are hindering you from seeing your true purpose and enjoy the journey that life and love both have to offer.

Take the time to just STOP and smell the roses…

Ask yourself, What am I doing that I don’t need to be doing?

What am I giving energy to that I really shouldn’t?

Feelings are there for you to experience.

Do not miss out on them!

About the Author

Danni Myers
Danni Myers is a native of Hartford, Connecticut. She has worked in both the political and non- profit arenas. Currently,she is the Promotions Director for a Nationally Syndicated Morning Show. Her writing is based on constant reflection of life, purpose, dreams, self worth and the constant pursuit of success and inner PEACE.



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  1. Ms. Myers,

    This artice hit home. I just has this conversation this past weekend. I often find myself thinking I want a chance a love but then I think knowing me I will miss it. I’m not sure if I’m putting energy into the wrong places but I do need to stop and smell the roses and thank you for reminding me of that.

  2. “And most times, we allow relentless ambition to overpower one of our most basic human needs, which is to be loved or the feeling of belonging”

    I wish more people could truly digest that statement.

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  5. My love life is in shambles… better yet nonexistent and I have a great job, but I know there is MORE. MORE to life, MORE to living and MORE than just existing…

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