November 1st, 2010

Teen Homlessness on The Rise

They say home is where the heart is, but what happens when there’s no home?

Everyday, there are many young hearts wandering around wishing they had a place to call their own. This epidemic is widespread throughout our country and the homelessness rate is steadily increasing especially amongst teenagers.

Factors of this tragic increase in homelessness are due to the drowning economy. The strains of these economic times have divided many families.

November is recognized as National Homeless Youth Awareness Month. With a goal of ”Putting a face on homelessness,” this month is to simply let the rest of us grasp and understand the larger problems of poverty in America. Statistics show that between 5 -7% of the general teenage population under 18 are homeless each year. That’s over one million youth who are forced to live on the streets and are likely to drop out of school and face an increased risk of experiencing sexual abuse.

Virgin Mobile is a leader in bringing change to this epidemic. With their Campaign, “Common Cents,” (Based out of Toronto, Canada), the company is striving to bring forth awareness, raise funds and increase volunteers to support this cause. The company is also urging congress to declare November 17th as National Youth Homelessness Awareness Day. For this very purpose, Virgin Mobile has also initiated the www.504nyhad.com website to gather signatures in support of their motion.

Let this November serve as a call to action for you to learn more about this vital issue, as well as find ways to support the organizations working to help homeless youth in your own community. Please take time to visit a homeless shelter and find ways that you can help those in need. Each one, can certainly reach one.

About the Author

Empress Varnado
Empress Varnado is a budding Public Relations and Marketing professional who fosters a fighting spirit and a drive to succeed. She lives by the motto; “I’ll Find A Way or Make One,” in which she uses her creativity, ambition and skills to accomplish her goals.



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  1. This is a huge epidemic! I wanna do my part..thanks Emp!

  2. More and more people are supporting this cause which aims at helping homeless children in our society.

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