December 5th, 2009

The Curse of Reality TV

How has reality TV taken over what used to be good ole fashion television sitcoms? Shows like the Cosby’s, Full House and The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air are now a thing of the past.  Love, sex and money, the three things that rule the world, have now become our guilty pleasures.

On a weekly basis, we sit and watch contestants compete for money, the affection of the opposite sex or simply make a complete fool of themselves. So say goodbye to TV shows that displayed morals, family values and hard work and say hello to senseless TV.

While it would take all day to list the shows that clutter the cable stations with glorified ignorance, I will give you a few examples of old and new shows that stand out.


Flavor Flav: This was the beginning of the madness that became the craze that people love to watch. It was a culmination of love, sex and alcohol. These are not the worse things ever, but this show seemed to make the female contestants look rather ignorant. While their childish antics were  fun to watch, in the back of my mind I occasionally questioned their sanity.

I Love New York: Although she did not win the coveted spot next to Flavor Flave, New York was able to gain a dating show of her own and a few other shows. Needless to say, there was no difference between the concept behind her show and Flavor Flave’s except there were love crazed men fighting for a piece of New York. The End.

For the Love of Ray J: The best looking “Bachelor” is in the second season of his dating show which airs on Vh1. His show is one of the newer dating reality shows and Ray J is on a quest for the right woman – AGAIN. While all of these dating shows seem to have relatively similar concepts, the masses still faithfully rush home to watch every episode as we sing along to “Danger (She Smashed the Homie).”


collegehill6 kandi-burruss-real-housewives-2-group-450

College Hill: Where do I begin? With “College” being the operative word, you would think this show focuses more on academia rather than parties, drinking and fighting. Almost every season there is always at least one big fight that makes the whole show worth watching. SMH. Nonetheless, we still tune in, because there is something about the drama that keeps our eyes glued to the screen.

The Real Housewives of NY, NJ, ATL and OC: The ideal recipe for controversy, chaos and angry Housewives! Each individual show has a different style and approach toward their jungle-like brawls, but I think the Atlanta Housewives take the trophy when it comes to the most DRAMA. “Who gone check me boo?” Like always, their buffoonery is a catalyst for great ratings!

Don’t get me wrong, I am also guilty of watching these shows. There is something about them that is slightly entertaining. However, if reality TV is how our future generations gain a sense of what is acceptable in society, then as Frankie says, “This is a code 10 – Man down situation!”


About the Author

Giovanie Stiven
Giovanie Stiven was born in New York and raised between the Concrete Jungle and Haiti. She is an aspiring PR professional and is still on the search to identifying herself. After volunteering at a number of organizations, she hopes that she can inspire others to become more motivated in being an active figure in their communities.



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  1. I agree with what’s written but I personnaly think that sports is the only reality TV. Some of these shows sound scripted, they’re being called reality to catch our attention, I mean think about it, how could it be reality tv if its not being showed in real time.

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