February 9th, 2011

The Importance of an Investment Piece

Is it important to invest your money on an expensive item of clothing or accessory? In these economic times, it may be challenging for some people to go to a luxury store and spend thousands of dollars on a handbag or a piece of jewelry.

So how important is an investment piece? Before answering this question, you must define an investment piece; because not everyone knows how much should be spent before it is labeled an investment piece.

A piece of fashion is labeled an investment piece once you spend more than $500 for it. In fashion, an investment piece can be an article of clothing, jewelry or accessory. Most investment pieces are made by luxury brands and brands that are more exclusive. So the question still arises, is it important to invest your money in an investment piece and how important is this purchase?

It is very important to save your money for an investment piece because they become classic and timeless. You can mix your everyday H&M and Forever 21 outfits with your timeless Chanel 2.55, a very chic investment piece, and make your whole entire look change for the better. Also, you can have a plain look from Uniqlo and pair it with a Burberry trench coat that will automatically upgrade your outfit. In other words, an investment piece will draw more attention to your look as a whole.

For the most part, an investment always gives you more than you put in for it. Keep that in mind and take care of the item you decide to buy so that it proves to be a great return on your initial investment.

About the Author

Keshia Ellis
Keshia Ellis is a wardrobe stylist, designer, and writer with clients in both Atlanta and New York City. She currently resides in Atlanta but was born in Phoenix, Arizona. Keshia's main focus is to spread knowledge about fashion and her main goal is to help people bring out their inner style.



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