October 21st, 2010

Things Fall Apart

“This life is what you make it. No matter what, you’re going to mess up sometimes, it’s a universal truth. But the good part is you get to decide how you’re going to mess it up,” said Marilyn Monroe.

One of the most frustrating thoughts known to man, is feeling as though life has no clear definition.

What am I here for? What is it all about? And few of us ask ourselves, “What can I really offer or How can I change this world?”

We are all searching for our purpose of course, but universally, we are all in the pursuit of “happiness.” This feeling is different for everyone. Nevertheless, this search can drive one utterly insane and we all know that insanity can lead one to do the same thing over and over again.

It’s like beating your head against a linoleum floor and then trying to walk a straight line. Both are quite PAINFUL and ultimately IMPOSSIBLE.

Most times we merely play life as if it’s a game, like poker or roulette. We take a chance and roll the dice.

So often we proudly proclaim that we, “Play the cards that we are dealt.”

But, what kind of existence is that? Why should we simply “hope for the best”?

When it comes to living, you have to be ALL IN, because the game of life is filled with ebbs and flows. One minute you can have it all and be on top of the world and the next; it could all be GONE.

In life, things happen, but the universe is on your side and it does want you to win. You have to feel and think positively in order to bring it to yourself and your situation.

The law of attraction tells us to believe that “you are what you think.” Be it negative or positive thought, we attract what we think and what we feel. Science has proven it and there are countless self help and inspirational books that discuss it.

Know that in life, things fall apart. Everything may not always go the way we meticulously plan, but it’s not the circumstance or the trial that has the authority, but rather how you handle it. We are not glass, so the fall will not break us.

Don’t be afraid to play the game of LIFE, and collect all your WINNINGS!

About the Author

Danni Myers
Danni Myers is a native of Hartford, Connecticut. She has worked in both the political and non- profit arenas. Currently,she is the Promotions Director for a Nationally Syndicated Morning Show. Her writing is based on constant reflection of life, purpose, dreams, self worth and the constant pursuit of success and inner PEACE.



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  4. So often we proudly proclaim that we,is feeling as though life has no clear definition.

  5. It’s a normal thing to know things are not going to work the way you had planned it.

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  7. When it comes to living, you have to be ALL IN, because the game of life is filled with ebbs and flows. One minute you can have it all and be on top of the world and the next; it could all be GONE.

  8. We all have lots of expectations in our life. But we are not sure that those expectations will come true. So it is better to expect a sudden fall in our life. And also thus we have to tackle those situations to become successful in our life.

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  11. I have gone through the article written by Danni Myers and it touched me lot. The specialty of her writing is that we can relate its content to our day to day life. That’s why I am very much interested in her writing. Keep up the good work Myers.

  12. Each and every sentence you shared here is very touching. Life is a like a running race include a lot of good and bad things. Think positively when bad things happen to you. Thereby you can bring happiness to your life. Thanks for sharing this.

  13. Life is unpredictable.We are no one to control our lives, but there is a superpower somewhere who can control our lives and incidents. Our duty is to live with whatever happiness in our life till the time that is allotted for us. We can make our lives better, by finding happiness in small things, helping others, and making good friends.

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